Letter: There was no clear mandate for proposed dog park

To the Editor: Last week, the town of Weston held a non-binding voting event that resulted in a narrow majority of voters, only 5% more, casting a Yes vote versus those casting a No vote. Since the town and dog park supporters both publicly stated that this was not a referendum, the absolute vote is not the point. The vote served to only take the temperature of the town. What is clear from the result is that a vast number of people in Weston, like us, are paying attention to the issue. The town is at best lukewarm to the … Read more

Letter: Weston Dog Park Board is making misleading statements

To the Editor: I understand that Weston Dog Park advocates claim that I made a complaint about the way the recent dog park vote was conducted to the State Elections Enforcement Commission. While I did discuss the vote with lawyers at the commission, the assertion that I filed a complaint is untrue. Proponents of the dog park continue to make incorrect and misleading statements about those who disagree with siting a dog park on the Moore property and the reasons for their concerns about the proposal. That is unfortunate. Those who disagree with Weston Dog Park Inc. are not their … Read more

Letter: Dog park complaint has no merit

To the Editor: The Weston Dog Park Inc. (WDP) would like to respond to the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) complaint filed against it by Dennis Savitsky and his attorney Stephen Nevas. WDP is a 501(c)(3), established to raise money for a dog park, after the Weston BOS passed a strict leash ordinance, but acknowledged that this created a need for a dog park in town. After our initial presentation, the selectmen chose to move forward with the proposal and upon selecting a 36-acre piece of town owned land, we came under attack by local neighbors. The complaint filed with … Read more

Letter: Easter luncheon was extra special for Weston seniors

To the Editor: On behalf of everyone at the Weston Senior Center, we would like to thank St. Francis Church, Sandra and Carmine Cenatiempo from Calise’s Deli, and Dan Gilbert for hosting an extra special Easter luncheon for us. The food was absolutely delicious and it was a great way to kick off spring. “Johnny P” was our fabulous entertainment — his songs definitely got people on their feet dancing. As always, we thank Norfield Church for welcoming us into their parish hall. Wendy Petty Weston Senior Center

Letter: Dog park letter was riddled with errors

To the Editor: As a resident of Weston, who has had my fair share of letters published, I would argue that Mark Harper is entitled to submit one of his own to The Weston Forum. However, as the well-known animal control officer and self-described person who selected the Moore property for the proposed dog park and who will patrol it if it is built, Mr. Harper owed the readership of the newspaper an accurate and based-on-fact explanation of his position and decisions. Instead, his letter demonstrates much of what has been wrong with the town’s dog park selection process and … Read more

Letters about proposed Weston Dog Park

Weston should have a dedicated dog park To the Editor: As a Weston resident, I will be voting Yes on April 4 for the dog park in Weston. I have two dogs and at least twice a week I head out of town to visit other dog parks. They are lovely dog parks, and I’ve met some wonderful people there; however, I, like many other residents in town, feel that Weston should have a dedicated dog park of its own. The town has identified the Moore property for this purpose. It is town owned land, and was purchased for municipal … Read more

Letter: Dog park is a good use of the Moore property

To the Editor: Did you know your tax dollars are still paying for the Moore property, purchased by the town in 2003 for municipal use? Each year, Weston residents pay for land only the immediate neighbors can use. A Moore property neighbor on Richmond Hill Road said, “ATVs, horses, people, dogs, bikes and tons of wildlife” frequent the property. But there is nowhere to safely park, unless you live there. Let’s add another charming feature to this already wonderful town. A fenced-in dog park is something we don’t have here or in neighboring towns. Weston Dog Park Inc. has agreed … Read more

Letter: Vote yes for the dog park

To the Editor: Some say Weston does not need a dog park because we have two-acre zoning. This is precisely why we do need a dog park. A dog park will bring people together in a town where the big, bucolic yards can make meeting neighbors a challenge. On top of that, many of the town’s picturesque windy, hilly roads can make walking treacherous. The dog park would be a perfect place for all Weston residents (dog owners or not) to get together. I can think of no better, more natural use of the Moore property than a dog park, … Read more

Letter: Weston dog park will be an amenity

To the Editor: I would like to encourage all Weston citizens to vote yes on Wednesday, April 4, to establish a dog park on the Moore property. It is time to allow this two-year process to go forward and actually create an amenity on the property that we have all owned for the last 15 years. This community-building initiative will be paid for by Weston Dog Park. The town will only pay to build a driveway so we can access the property we already own. And please, keep this in perspective: the park will be right in the center of … Read more

Letter: There should not be a dog park vote without absentee ballots

To the Editor: When Weston First Selectman Chris Spaulding took the oath of office, he promised to uphold the law. With his action to disallow absentee ballots on the upcoming town vote on the dog park, he is skating on very thin legal ice. If the vote is truly a “vote,” it must allow for people who are disabled, ill or out of town and cannot make it to the voting place on the day of the vote. Absentee ballots must be made available to such people according to state law. All referenda must conform to the law, since they … Read more

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