Letter: Issues with dog park group, IRS complaint filed

To the Editor: There was a recent letter to The Weston Forum written by someone who is not a neighbor of the Moore property woodlands. Like the 798 people who voted against the dog park, the writer objected to the proposed dog park in that location based upon process, science and environmental grounds.  Weston Dog Park (WDP) followed up with an unsurprising inaccurate letter to The Weston Forum which could not refute a single fact in the original letter. A Superior Court appeal of the Conservation Commission’s decision, yet to be heard, raises winnable points based on facts and science. … Read more

Letter: Ode to the Weston Dog Jamboree

To the Editor: All the planets and stars aligned to allow the first Weston Kiwanis Dog jamboree to take root. Again, we are pleasantly reminded why we made the decision to call Weston our home. And, who doesn’t like dogs? We can’t help but strike up conversations with complete strangers over their canines. The spacious school facilities, made graciously available, created a relaxing environment. The Jamboree’s interplay of contests, seminars and demonstrations created a flow to the day. Participants came and went at their pleasure. Many unheralded volunteers were pivotal in making this concept a reality. They should hold their … Read more

Letter: Weston Dog Park Board responds to claims

To the Editor: There are no new developments on the proposed initiative that a majority of nearly 900 Westonites voted to support. The last town hearing on the topic of the dog park was the special meeting, May 3, of the Conservation Committee with a 4 -1 vote in favor of the proposal. A group of neighbors of the municipal property where the park is proposed have filed an appeal to reverse that decision. Neighbors opposing town projects is not unusual, as is what happened with Bisceglie, Morehouse, and the stadium lights. However, factual information is important versus misinformation. The … Read more

Letter: What is the state of our state?

To the Editor: We all know people who’ve moved from our state citing high taxes. We see more and more empty retail space. We drive by what appear to be an ever increasing number of “For Sale” signs on Weston properties. So what’s the state of our state? A recent Hartford Courant article (5/17) reports that, “Home prices across Connecticut have failed to recover since the 2007 peak … Fairfield County has fared the worst, still down 24 percent.” Another Hartford Courant article (5/24) notes that “From the peak in 2013, the state’s population has dropped 0.4 percent (through July … Read more

Letter: Update on status of proposed Weston Dog Park

To the Editor: Here is an update on developments involving the proposed dog park at the Moore woodlands, an initiative that nearly 800 Westonites voted against in April. The appeal of the Conservation Commission’s split decision to approve the dog park is now well into the legal process. The appeal presents a strong case based on facts. Those of us who favor alternative locations for a dog park other than the Moore property believe there is a strong chance for the approval to be overturned by an impartial court. The CT State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) voted to authorize an … Read more

Letter: Don’t ban use of plastic bags in Weston

To the Editor: I have something to say on the subject of the idea of “banning” plastic grocery bags in Weston:  If you don’t want to use them, don’t. But don’t tell me I can’t. So, one day I just happened to be chatting with someone outside the bank near Peter’s. Every single person, in the 15 minutes I was there, carried out their purchases in a blue plastic bag. I counted eight. Among them was a 40-something woman, a late 30-something woman in a jogging outfit who got into a huge SUV parked at the door, a high school … Read more

Letter: Thank you to all who helped with patio for Weston seniors

To the Editor: On behalf of all of us at the Weston Senior Center, we want to thank everyone involved in our new back patio. We are so grateful to Cypress Landscape of Westport, who donated all of the time and materials to clean up and replant new bushes, Chris Spaulding’s Weston Progress Fund, Heather and Anthony McNulty, Edina Field, and Judy Lee for donating funds to purchase all of the outdoor furniture, and Dawn Egan for helping us to organize the donations. Weston Progress Fund services organizations outside of the government realm but are no less important to our … Read more

Letter: Help make the dog park in Weston a reality

To the Editor: Over two years ago, the Weston Dog Park Committee proposed there be a dog park in our beautiful town. I’m so excited that the residents and town of Weston have chosen to move forward with this wonderful new addition to Weston. Thank you to all of our supporters — your votes and encouragements have made this possible. Now that the land use offices and the Board of Selectmen have approved the location, we are ready to raise the funds to get the park built. Weston Dog Park Inc. has committed to raising $85,000 to build the park, … Read more

Letter: Weston teens support Save the Children

To the Editor: We are a group of concerned teens who believe that all kids deserve a strong start in life.We are concerned because nearly 25% of the 15 million children in the U.S. live in poverty and enter school unprepared to succeed. Fortunately, high-quality early childhood education programs like Head Start and Early Head Start help low-income kids receive an equal opportunity to thrive. In fact, since its creation, Head Start has helped prepare more than 33 million American children for kindergarten. Unfortunately, not all kids who qualify for these programs have access.  In March, several of us, including … Read more

Letter: Do not cut Weston security officers from the schools

To the Editor: Like a page pulled from Kafka, Weston parents received a letter from the superintendent on Feb. 19 notifying us that we would be losing one of our two security guards just five days after news of the school shooting in Florida. We have since been sent multiple follow-up emails assuring us of the precautions in place and the comprehensive collaboration strategy with the Weston Police Department. However, while the numbers, the strategies, the plans, and the technical considerations were explained, there wasn’t a single mention of either man by name whose job is being cut: Mr. James … Read more

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