Water main break reported off Gate Ridge Road in Easton

Crews are working to repair a water main break in Easton. The break, off Gate Ridge Road in lower Easton, was reported around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Feb. 13, according to Easton Police Capt. Richard Doyle. “The water was bubbling out of the ground,” Doyle said. However, he added it is a very small street so there was “not a big disruption of water,” he said. “There is very, very minimal damage caused by this.” The cause of the break is unknown. Police called Aquarion Water Company and they are repairing the break. Doyle added Aquarion will clean up the area, … Read more

Redding residents air mixed views on police staffing

At Monday’s Board of Selectmen meeting, Wolf Boehme — a resident who formed an online petition and Facebook page to gather support for reducing the number of police in town — stood up in his seat and aired his concerns. — Bryan Haeffele photo

Does Redding need to reduce its police staff? There were mixed reactions to this question at Monday night’s Board of Selectmen meeting. Shortly after the meeting began, Wolf Boehme — a resident who formed an online petition and Facebook page to gather support for reducing the number of police in town — stood up in his seat, faced Redding First Selectman Julia Pemberton, as well as Selectmen Peg O’Donnell and Michael Thompson, and aired his concerns. Reading from his petition — on which he had collected about 175 signatures — he said he is worried about “the budget pressures on … Read more

Easton police warn residents of phone scam

  Easton Police have been receiving multiple reports of phone scams in town, according to officer Jay Festa of the Easton Police Department. “The caller says a relative has been kidnapped. The caller then threatens to hurt the victim unless he gets cash,” Festa said. “The resident is told not to contact anyone, to just wire the cash immediately.” The Easton Police Department received four reports of these calls alone on Friday, Feb. 9. Festa said if anyone receives a call of this nature to “immediately hang up.” “Never give out information,” he said, adding residents should then call the … Read more

Redding police officer sends open letter to the town

To the town of Redding: As I follow the opinions of a handful of people interested in restructuring the Redding Police Department I find the discussion to be bittersweet. On the one hand, I pray every day that you and your family will never need me. On the other hand, I am saddened that you don’t know me or Redding’s other amazing public safety professionals that serve your community every day. Open dialogue is good. Requesting that your government is fiscally responsible is good. But, in this case, misinformation and/or a misunderstanding of the services provided to you are not. … Read more

Redding police warn of credit card skimming

Recently, Redding police have received multiple reports from people who have had their credit cards and pin numbers compromised through a process called skimming. Skimming occurs when an illegal device is installed on a legitimate device and captures a customer’s debit or credit card information after they swipe their card. The device can capture that customer’s account information and PIN number. This information is later gathered off the illegal device.  It is then used to create a fraudulent credit card, debit card or ATM card which, in turn, is used buy merchandise or steal the money from the victim’s account. … Read more

Redding, Easton, Weston: Police log, arrests

Redding Driving while intoxicated On Sunday, Jan. 27, a call came in of a person driving erratically. Michael Peterson, 43, of Danbury, was stopped and arrested for operating under the influence, He was released on $200 cash bond. His court date is Tuesday, Feb. 6, at 10 a.m. at Danbury Superior Court. Motor vehicle theft On Sunday, Jan. 28, Allison Napolitano, 27, was arrested for taking her father’s car without permission. Her father reported the car stolen. Police also discovered that there was a warrant for her from 2017 for forgery identity theft and larceny. She is being taken to … Read more

Weston couple targeted in Bitcoin blackmail scam

A Weston couple was targeted in a blackmail scam involving the digital currency Bitcoin. A letter was addressed to the husband, asking for $8,400 in Bitcoin. If the money wasn’t received in nine days, the letter said the scammer would reveal a “secret” that the man was keeping from his wife. “It was distressing to get the letter,” said the wife who asked not to be named. “I researched a few key words and it looks like this scam has become more popular recently,” she said. The letter, which the couple received on Friday, Jan. 26, addressed the woman by … Read more

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