Editorial: Remembering Charley

Those who will be at Saturday’s fourth annual Rock’n Roots Revival will see many people wearing red, navy, and black T-shirts, with white lettering on the back that says Remembering Charley. Redding resident and longtime town historian Charley Couch passed away in May, and the revival is dedicated to him. It was Charley who started the event, back in 2015. He wanted to create a fund-raiser to support the Redding Historical Society, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to educate, preserve and to promote Redding and its history. The revival, which runs all day, begins with a road race at … Read more

Editorial: Thank a volunteer at Georgetown Day

Every year since 1993, something very special has taken place in Georgetown.  It’s Georgetown Day, an old-town event that brings everyone from the community together. This year, Georgetown Day is Sunday, June 10, from noon to 6 p.m. in downtown Georgetown. Families from four surrounding towns — Redding, Weston, Wilton, and Ridgefield — as well as many others in the area — gather together to hear music, shop, and enjoy delicious food. The purpose of the event, which has grown every year, is to give people a taste of what Georgetown was like over the past century — that it’s … Read more

Editorial: Vote Yes on May 8

Redding’s annual operating budget has been crafted and revised by four different boards. It reflects many hours of hard work.   From speaking with some of the town’s elected officials, it is clear they all strive to create the most cost-effective budget they can. They work hard to balance reductions in state aid, increased costs, a slow real estate recovery, and a never-ending flow of regulations and mandates with their obligation to produce budgets that fairly support the essential services of the town without going overboard.   According to research and reports from Redding Board of Education meetings, for several … Read more

Editorial: Unplugged

Last weekend, about 20 people came to New Pond Farm in Redding to take part in a custom thousands of years old — pysanky. Pysanky is a traditional Ukrainian craft of decorating eggs using melted wax. Students first designed and then painted their eggs. Each egg took an hour or more to complete. Two pysanky classes were held, one for children and one for adults. For two hours, those in the adult class — who traveled to the event from all across the area, including Milford, Ridgefield, Westport, Glastonbury, Danbury, and East Haven — unplugged from all their devices. They … Read more

Editorial: Who you gonna call?

The recent incident in which Hawaiians were terrified when an alert about an incoming missile was mistakenly disseminated is an extreme example of how ill-prepared we can be in the face of a disaster. And while this was extreme — with little time to respond in any meaningful way — it is a stark reminder for us to take stock and think about the ways we can be prepared for the disasters most likely to befall us. To that end, it was good news to hear that Georgetown Village Restoration Inc. plans to create a resource guide to be used … Read more

Community newspapering

Last week we changed the way we deliver our news content, in print and online, to the readers of The Easton Courier, The Redding Pilot and The Weston Forum. Readers of The Easton Courier, The Redding Pilot and The Weston Forum will continue receive their newspapers every week, as they always have, in mailboxes and on newsstands. The changes involved consolidation of several facets of our operations in those markets, including editorial, production, printing, mailing of newspapers, and distribution of content to the web and our social media platforms. Our goal with these changes is to continue to serve these … Read more

Editorial: Christmas Message


Christmas is the transcendent holiday of our culture. It is a Christian holiday, reflecting our nation’s history as a colony and refuge for Europeans. But its appeal and the trappings of its celebration reach beyond the holiday’s deep sacred meaning for Christians, and it has become something not greater, but broader, more encompassing. The symbols are everywhere. Its celebration seems at times to have been appropriated entirely by commercial interests and pop culture foolishness, leading to concerns among some of the devout that the true meaning of Christmas is lost. Do not fear. The message is alive and shines for … Read more

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