Community newspapering

Aspetuck News Editorial

Last week we changed the way we deliver our news content, in print and online, to the readers of The Easton Courier, The Redding Pilot and The Weston Forum. Readers of The Easton Courier, The Redding Pilot and The Weston Forum will continue receive their newspapers every week, as they always have, in mailboxes and on newsstands. The changes involved consolidation of several facets of our operations in those markets, including editorial, production, printing, mailing of newspapers, and distribution of content to the web and our social media platforms. Our goal with these changes is to continue to serve these … Read more

Editorial: Christmas Message


Christmas is the transcendent holiday of our culture. It is a Christian holiday, reflecting our nation’s history as a colony and refuge for Europeans. But its appeal and the trappings of its celebration reach beyond the holiday’s deep sacred meaning for Christians, and it has become something not greater, but broader, more encompassing. The symbols are everywhere. Its celebration seems at times to have been appropriated entirely by commercial interests and pop culture foolishness, leading to concerns among some of the devout that the true meaning of Christmas is lost. Do not fear. The message is alive and shines for … Read more

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