Letter: Redding library book fair was a success

To the Editor: A heartfelt thank you to all who contributed to the success of the 58th Annual Mark Twain Library Book Fair. It wouldn’t have happened without generous donors, enthusiastic volunteers, and purchasers of books, games and recordings. Donors to the 2018 book fair gave extraordinary collections of books, DVDs, CDs and vinyl records. Others provided trucks to move 3,074 boxes of books to the Redding Community Center, sustenance for volunteers during set-up, overflow parking, hand carts, and financial support of the book fair. In appreciation, a banner acknowledging in-kind donations hangs at the circulation desk of the Mark … Read more

Letter: Break the impasse on the wire mill property

To the Editor: I applaud Mr. Takacs and Mr. Karvelis for proposing a way forward on the wire mill. It has been nothing but a drain on Redding taxpayers and the time and energy of our elected officials and town employees. Now it’s time to hear from our Board of Selectmen with a status update and their plan for breaking the impasse.     Wolf Boehme Chalburn Road, Redding

Letter: St. Patrick Church’s Youth Group adviser does great job

To the Editor: In the article titled “Paying it forward,” that was published in the Redding Pilot on Thursday, July 26, I feel that not enough praise was given to the St. Patrick Roman Catholic Church’s Youth Group in Redding, and especially to Youth Group Coordinator Tom Doherty. Tom and his wife and their son did a fantastic job on Luella’s home. Tom also does a tremendous job as youth group adviser. The youth group members did all the work on that house. Tom was at Luella’s house almost every afternoon. He made all the arrangements to have the trees … Read more

Letter: Sarah Ewud is fearless leader for Redding Parks & Rec

To the Editor: What I love about living in Redding is the amazing Sarah Ewud, the fearless leader of Parks and Rec Travel Camp and also co-director of Extended Day. Who takes a bunch of middle schoolers at 7:30 a.m. to Six Flags and returns them safely, happy and exhausted at 9 p.m.? And does this Monday through Friday for six weeks every summer so that our kids are off devices, active and exploring other daily activities including trips to museums, and Broadway shows? Thank you, Mrs. E. We love you. Melinda Irwin High Ridge Road, Redding

Letter: Redding community helped scouts earn Bronze Award

To the Editor: We would like to thank the Redding community for helping us earn our Bronze Award this year. We learned so much. We also thank you for donating coats for people who can’t afford them and donating to our local Redding food bank. Without you, we wouldn’t have earned our Bronze Award. Without you, there would be more people worrying that they would freeze this winter or starve. We learned that you can always donate to people in need. Sadie Neville and Amanda Meschi Redding Girl Scouts

Letter: Redding honored for financial reporting

To the Editor: With the recent divisiveness in Redding on budget matters, it’s time to take a moment to celebrate. The town of Redding recently was awarded the Government Finance Officer Association’s Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting. What is that? The certificate is awarded to state and local governments that to go beyond the minimum requirements in applying the accounting rules to prepare comprehensive annual financial reports (CAFR) that provide transparency and disclosure to readers of the financial statements. In other words, the CAFR is presented in a user-friendly format that simplifies complex data. In case you … Read more

Letter: Thank you for the success of the Rock’n Roots Revival

To the Editor: The late Charley Couch, our town historian, and Redding Historical Society Board member envisioned a gathering for the community to celebrate the town and country’s history. The consummate Redding historian and preservation advocate, knew such work required funding. The vision and need, a passion for music, and love of fireworks, morphed into the annual Rock’n Roots event hosted by the Redding Historical Society (RHS) at Lonetown Farm. This year’s event was made possible by the production expertise of Lara Schuler, Amy Cabot’s  creativity, and Eliot Cabot’s technical expertise and the assembled musicians providing an outstanding day-long concert. … Read more

Letter: Balloonacy was a truly fun and special opportunity

To the Editor: Watching and hearing three-year olds captured by theater —  pantomime — is a phenomenal experience for a former theater critic, and for the folks who brought them to Summer Theatre of New Canaan’s production, Balloonacy. The children (ages 3-7 and even some younger ones) were completely connecting to actor extraordinaire, Omen Sade, who uttered no words but whose actions were clearly understood.  Such opportunities hold the promise of the relevance of theater to our lives. It is truly fun for all ages and a special opportunity for hearing impaired folks, of all ages. June September April Great … Read more

Letter: All people have the right to an opinion

To the Editor: I would like to remind the writer of last week’s letter regarding what “Local Republicans should do,” that we still live in a democracy. Further, we all have the right to an opinion, to support a candidate, and that some of us still have the ability to formulate that opinion without his deigning assistance. Chris Dahm Umpawaug Road, Redding

Letter: Thank you, Redding voters for supporting the schools and town

To the Editor: Thank you to the 2,276 voters who voted in the third referendum on the Redding school (K-8) and town budgets on June 26. And, a special thank you to those voters who supported the schools and town. The school budget lost many special after-school programs and also important special help sessions. Hopefully, we can understand the reasons that some voters indicated “no” three times so that we do not further diminish the quality educational programs that this town has always provided and cherished. William Brown Lonetown Road, Redding

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