About Town: Changes

How is Weston like Paris? I think there are quite a few similarities. One is that they are both beautiful places. Paris grew and developed over many centuries, though, while Weston initially grew for more like one century, starting in the 1700s, before shrinking in population rather dramatically, with the demise of industry. Yes, Weston once had industry, such as a mill and a toy factory. Fast forward to the end of World War II. Growth resumed as weekend residents built second homes here, and others who could not afford Westport settled in Weston. In the wilderness, defined here as … Read more

About Town: Planning

You can feel it. Summer vacation is in the air. Just a couple more weeks. Of special note is that living in Weston in the summer is a vacation in itself. But sometimes it can be a more peaceful vacation than at other times. One reason for that is it can depend on construction that might be on the schedule for schools or at the municipal complex on Norfield Road. For example, this summer such activities will be occurring. While they will not be visibly or audibly evident to most Westonites, they may be to some who live near the … Read more

About Town: Beauty

Why do people move to Weston, Connecticut? Why do they stay? Please join the League of Women Voters of Weston for lunch on June 1, at noon at the Aspetuck Valley Country Club. The league’s Betty Hill Forum on International Affairs follows the luncheon. It is not too late to “pay at the door” and attend this annual event. You can find further details at lwvweston.org. Both the ambience of that locale and the camaraderie you’ll find there will serve to illustrate my answers to the questions asked above. Weston is “drop dead gorgeous,” and Westonites of all ages value … Read more

About Town: Green

One of the pleasures of living in Weston is the simple fact that there isn’t any place that looks better in the spring. “Aspetuck News” shares the first part of its name with a beautiful river that marks a small part of the eastern border of Weston. When do I get to this part of town? At the League of Women Voters of Weston’s annual Betty Hill Forum on International Affairs. This year it takes place on June 1 at the Aspetuck Valley Country Club. For more information, please visit the league’s website, lwvweston.org. AVCC is recognized by Audubon International. … Read more

About Town: Discourse

The 2018 edition of the state legislature’s biennial “Short Session” is over, thankfully. That, in itself, is a significant accomplishment. Last year’s biennial “Long Session” left the state without a budget until October. A former state representative for the 135th District, to which Weston belongs, famously once said, “Hold on to your pocketbook when the legislature is in session.” How many bills during this session might affect Weston, or might have affected us if they had passed? As I perceive it, there were probably too many to count. I did not follow everything in every committee, of course, but what … Read more

About Town: Discourse

If you had to pick just a few words to describe Weston, they might be neat, green, and driven.  “Neat” in part because while we are a town with lawns that are irregular and natural, wherever there is something to mow, we mow it. “Green” because once winter has finally released us from her grip, that’s pretty much all you see. There are various shades and tones of green, but the color of new growth in early spring seems almost uniformly emerald. “Driven” is another way to refer to our community. That is actually a play on the word. Yes, … Read more

Editorial: Vote this Saturday in Weston

Those unfamiliar with Weston town government may think the town and school budgets for fiscal year 2018-19 were approved recently at the Annual Town Budget Meeting (ATBM). But that is not the case. While some people cast budget ballots immediately following the ATBM, the completion of the referendum vote will take place this Saturday, April 28, from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. in the Meeting Room at Weston Town Hall. The budget process in Weston is lengthy and can be confusing. Before Saturday’s vote, there were months of meetings, reviews and discussions. Turnout was low at the ATBM, with only … Read more

About Town: Good Riddance

Did you save your green flyer that came in the mail a few weeks ago? Please pay attention to its environmental wisdom. You can also refer to a list on the town of Weston website of 37 kinds of household hazardous waste items, which you will soon have an opportunity to dispose of, conveniently and safely. This handy guide to what’s hazardous is explained further in the flyer. Examples are likely to be lurking under the sink, or in the garage or basement. As announced in the green flyer, Saturday, April 28, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. is Weston’s … Read more

About Town: Working Together

Thank goodness I live in Weston. We should be very proud of how we deal with local issues. My prime recent example would be, of course, the recently completed phase of the Dog Park saga. Everyone in Weston should be impressed with how we managed to engage close to 25% of all eligible voters in last week’s vote on this issue, even though a windstorm and power outages were developing as the day wore on, and even though we don’t have a town-centric print newspaper. The selectmen had wanted to hear from the general public on this issue. And they … Read more

Editorial: To Weston

With all due respect to Easton and Redding, two fine towns I’ve had the privilege of covering a bit recently, I’d like to extend a hearty “thank-you” to Weston. I started at The Weston Forum in the summer of 2015. It was my first “real” job after I graduated from UConn and I was nervous to learn how to be a reporter. I never studied journalism, so coming to this community to be in control of the news you read each week was a daunting responsibility for me. Almost immediately I felt welcome in Weston, a town I had only … Read more

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