Letter: Thank you for the success of the Rock’n Roots Revival

To the Editor:

The late Charley Couch, our town historian, and Redding Historical Society Board member envisioned a gathering for the community to celebrate the town and country’s history. The consummate Redding historian and preservation advocate, knew such work required funding.

The vision and need, a passion for music, and love of fireworks, morphed into the annual Rock’n Roots event hosted by the Redding Historical Society (RHS) at Lonetown Farm.

This year’s event was made possible by the production expertise of Lara Schuler, Amy Cabot’s  creativity, and Eliot Cabot’s technical expertise and the assembled musicians providing an outstanding day-long concert. RHS is grateful to Schuler and Richard Brooker, WMD, Open Road, Tom Heany, JD Seem, Pluck & Rail, Imperial Drive, Stuntfish, Yippee Coyote, LouderDaddy, Jam BandW/Emma, Generation Blues Band and the Germantown Ancients Fife & Drum Corp. for volunteering their talent.

RHS is pleased to collaborate with John McCleary and MS Running Productions for an early morning 9K+ race.

Thank you for the offerings by Uncle Leo’s, the Georgetown Lions Club, Polar Sweets,  Micalizzi’s Brainfreeze; and a pie-baking contest coordinated by Steph, Liz and local bakers.

A sincere thank-you for support and guidance from our First Selectwoman Julia Pemberton,  Doug Hartline and Jan. This event is not possible without services by our dedicated police officers, volunteer fire department, and emergency volunteers.

RHS volunteers, members, and friends working long hours include Bob Paradise, Sean McNamara, Ryan, Jake, Christian and crew, the Knights of Columbus, Dan, Bill, Gary, Ed,  Raymond, Susan, Hugh, Hilda, Stan, Al, Ruth, Palma, Joan-Marie, Alesa, Cate, Sandy, Owen, and the services of Redding Sanitation.

A poignant finish to the day was a spectacular fireworks display by Blue Sky Fireworks.

Thank you also to Louis, a young Redding student for his donation of a broken arrow.

Redding Historical Society
Officers & Board of Directors

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