Luna to bring indie-rock to Fairfield

Rolling Stone magazine called indie pop rock band Luna “one of indie rock’s most beloved live acts.” Formed in 1991 by Dean Wareham, the band is easily recognizable for its dreamy pop-centric sound that balances skilled lyricism with strong guitar and rock riffs. The band reunited in 2015 and just kicked off a new tour that brings it to The Warehouse at the Fairfield Theatre Company on Sunday, Aug. 26. Andrea Valluzzo spoke with Dean Wareham about the upcoming show. Andrea Valluzzo: Luna broke up in 2005. What inspired you all to get back together? Dean Wareham: Sometimes anniversary years … Read more

Diversity makes for great theater

Theater has the power to help us better understand ourselves as well as others, whether it’s people from diverse cultures or anyone who is different than us. So it’s no surprise that New Paradigm Theatre (NPT), a company renowned for its imaginative productions that embrace diversity, will present another show with a poignant and timely social message. Coming on the heels of its sold-out shows of Oliver! Reinvented in 2016 and last year’s Peter Pan, the company will present The Hunchback of Notre Dame Aug. 18-19 at the Fairfield Theater Company. NPT’s mission is to bridge the gap between arts … Read more

Redding author releases new YA fantasy novel

Redding resident S.J. Armato spent 35 years at a publishing house before heading back to school to work as an occupational therapy assistant, providing services to special needs school children. Once he retired from his second profession, he was looking for something new. That’s when he got the idea to try his hand at writing, and wrote a young-adult (YA) fantasy novel called “The If Bridge” in 2011. It was a success and he followed that up with “Mr. Oddley’s Toy Shop” and “The Miracle Child” in the ensuing two years. His newest work, “Rayna Spark and Lightning in a … Read more

Celebrating Art Blakey

Jazz aficionados are well acquainted with the name Art Blakey, a renowned 20th Century bebop/hard bop drummer from Pittsburgh who teamed with jazz pianist Horace Silver (from Norwalk) in 1954 to form the Jazz Messengers, and helped lead the group to greatness. The group was responsible for the recordings “Moanin’” and “Ugetsu,” two must-haves for any jazz lover’s collection. And over five decades, Blakey released hit after hit and some of the best jazz music around. Blakey died in New York City in 1990 at the age of 71 from lung cancer but his music lives on. On Aug. 5, … Read more

Patty Smyth finds inspiration everywhere

Known for power hits like “The Warrior” and “Goodbye to You,” Patty Smyth & Scandal will rock the Ridgefield Playhouse on Aug. 4. Smyth has always been a rocker at heart and with a regrouped lineup of her original band (two original members and a new rhythm section), the band is not only sounding great these days but the musicians are having fun together, which was not always the case in the early days. Andrea Valluzzo spoke to her about the upcoming concert. Andrea Valluzzo: What’s been the toughest or most important lesson you’ve learned in your musical journey? Patty … Read more

Discovery and beyond

Bill Finch grew up during the Space Age and remembers the effect it had on him and his peers in southwestern Connecticut in the 1960s. “There were space shots all the time,” he said of mission launches that eventually landed a man on the moon in 1969. “People were inspired to grow up to be astronauts and scientists because of all the excitement.” Now Finch wants the Discovery Museum in Bridgeport, where he became executive director early this year, to play a role in preparing today’s children for high-end jobs in technology, clean energy and related fields. “We need to … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Absolutely charmed by Mrs. Maisel

After it snagged Golden Globes for best musical or comedy and best actress in a musical or comedy I couldn’t help but binge Amazon’s The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. The series begins with Midge Maisel doing everything she can to help her husband, Joel, succeed with his stand-up comedy routine in the late 1950s. After a disappointing day, Joel announces to Midge that he’s leaving her for his bland secretary and runs off with Midge’s suitcase. From there the viewer watches as Midge has an amusingly spontaneous meltdown on stage at a comedy club in the Village. That’s just in the … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Dive into Dark

Binge and Repeat

Looking for something to watch while avoiding the frozen tundra that once was your backyard? I’ve got you. Instead of rewatching Stranger Things for the third time, I stumbled across the trailer for Dark. Dark is a Netflix original show that takes place in Germany and begins with a missing child and that hurls the characters down the rabbit hole as the sins of multiple generations come back to haunt them. The show, which is available in German with English subtitles or with an English voice-over, will captivate you and keep you glued to the couch as you ask yourself … Read more

The Verve Pipe’s frontman opens up about band’s evolution

Since coming on the alt-rock scene in 1992, The Verve Pipe has always been known for its spectacular live performances and has released a number of radio hits, including “Photograph,” “Hero” and “The Freshman.” The Michigan-based band released two new albums over the last year — the studio album, “Parachute,” and the live album, “Villains — Live & Acoustic.” Founded by frontman Brian Vander Ark, today’s lineup also includes Lou Musa on lead guitar, Randy Sly on keyboards, Joel Ferguson on bass, Sam Briggs on drums, Channing Lee as backing vocals and Craig Griffith on harmonica. The Verve Pipe will … Read more

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