Binge and Repeat: Maniac is a must-see

When watching television, we often forget that it is an art form, as we’re too focused on following the storylines. It is shows like Maniac that remind audiences that we can get lost in a storyline and still become completely mesmerized by the medium. Maniac is a limited series created by Cary Joji Fukunaga (known for directing True Detective and Jane Eyre) that follows Owen and Annie as they participate in a pharmaceutical trial for a drug that is intended to heal the brain’s trauma. As the experiment begins to go off the rails Owen and Annie form a strange … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Iron Fist returns with a twist

Since Netflix insists on churning out more and more Marvel content, I guess I’m going to watch it. While I wasn’t a big fan of the first season of Iron Fist, this second season certainly sucked me in. Now, I haven’t read any of the comics, but this season threw me for more than a couple of loops, especially during the finale. The second season picks up a few months after the disastrous events from The Defenders (all of Netflix’s Marvel series, Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, The Defenders and The Punisher, have overlapping characters and plot points) … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Atypical adds more voices from the spectrum

When Netflix dropped the second season of Atypical, I dropped everything to find out what happened after last season’s cliffhanger of a finale. Spoilers ahead for those of you who haven’t watched the first season (which I reviewed earlier this year). The audience is reunited with the Gardner family after Elsa’s affair throws a grenade in the family dynamic causing Doug to leave home for a while. The kids aren’t exactly all right, Casey starts acting out at her new school and Sam (who is on the autism spectrum) is having a hard time processing this change. This season Doug … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Harlots – The family business

Everyone loves a good feud, that’s why people today are still talking about the Hatfields and the McCoys 150 years later. Harlots is driven by a similar narrative, but instead of the feud being led by men, it is the Wells and Quigley women who are in a state of constant combat in this 18th Century drama. Margaret Wells is trying to improve her standing by moving her brothel from the gutter to a posh neighborhood, which wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for her nemesis and former baud Lydia Quigley’s interference. As the drama between the two women … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Keep calm and come to no harm

Netflix’s latest series, The Innocents, revolves around June and Harry who just want to be able to live their lives without dealing with the drudgery and restrictions imposed on them by their respective parents. Unfortunately, when the young protagonists try to liberate themselves by running away, they encounter a very strange man who inexplicably wants to kidnap June. After the attempted kidnapping, June discovers that she can shapeshift into other people’s bodies, a trick that leaves both teens absolutely baffled and reeling. Now June and Harry find themselves being hunted down by the attempted kidnapper, while they try to understand … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Studying human nature

What drives a person to do something? What really makes a person tick? How well can you ever truly know a person? Netflix’s Gypsy asks viewers all of these questions and more as it tells the story of a therapist who seems to be more than content to blur the boundaries of how entangled she can become in her patients’ lives. Naomi Watts stars in this series as Jean, a seemingly well-balanced wife and mother. The drama unfolds as Jean becomes increasingly invested in a patient’s ex, going as far as to seek out the mysterious woman that led her … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Everything Sucks and high school

Everything Sucks follows a group of teens (actually played by teenagers) as they try to survive high school in the ’90s. Luke, McQuaid and Tyler are three nerdy freshmen that decide the best start to their high school careers is to join the AV club. After joining the club, Luke meets Kate, whom he instantly falls for despite being the principal’s daughter. After a few teenage hijinks derail the drama club’s fall show, Luke tries to resolve the war between the AV club and the drama club by suggesting they create a film together. Now, this series is about a … Read more

Binge and Repeat: OITNB returns with some laughs

Orange Is The New Black dropped its sixth season allowing fans to finally find out what happened to the inmates after the fifth season’s cliffhanger. For those who haven’t watched the first few seasons yet, spoilers ahead. The new season picks up with the ladies of Litchfield scattered around different prisons and in Litchfield’s maximum security prison, which means many characters from earlier seasons are seen only briefly or completely forgotten about. With some of the older characters pushed aside, the series revolves around an old prison rivalry between two sisters that somehow evolved into two prison gangs and how … Read more

Binge and Repeat: Seeking shelter from The Rain

It’s always fun to watch something and then develop a wildly irrational distrust because of it. Remember when This Is Us fans started to chuck their Crock-Pots after a particularly devastating episode aired? Anyways, after watching Netflix’s Danish series The Rain, I was a bit hesitant to about splashing in puddles with my dog (given that I live in a soggy state, I had to get over that pretty quickly). The Rain follows the story of a brother and sister who have lived in a bunker for more than six years after their father unceremoniously dumped them there while shouting … Read more

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