Editorial: A new look at dads

In an early episode of the popular TV sitcom Modern Family, Jay Pritchett reacts to an off- screen question on what the key to being a great dad is. “Boy, that’s a tough one,” he says. Later, the intrusive camera, after getting humorous responses from other characters, turns back to the stumped patriarch whose success has been more in business than family life. “Still thinking,” he says. TV dads usually don’t have much of a clue. As a doofus, dazed or diffident, they make us smile and laugh. But real-life fathers know better. Fatherhood seems to actually bring on a … Read more

Editorial: Puppy love

They call a dog man’s best friend. In fact, many dogs are considered more than pets, they are beloved members of the family. As such, our four-legged friends deserve to be treated with respect. How many dog owners out there have made sure that Rover’s rabies shots and dog license are up-to-date? The deadline for renewing dog licenses is July 1, and June is the month to do it. Renewing a dog license isn’t optional. It is required by law by the state of Connecticut. There are a number of reasons why getting a dog license and renewing it is … Read more

About Town: Planning

You can feel it. Summer vacation is in the air. Just a couple more weeks. Of special note is that living in Weston in the summer is a vacation in itself. But sometimes it can be a more peaceful vacation than at other times. One reason for that is it can depend on construction that might be on the schedule for schools or at the municipal complex on Norfield Road. For example, this summer such activities will be occurring. While they will not be visibly or audibly evident to most Westonites, they may be to some who live near the … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Spam feels good!

Most people make the mistake of avoiding their email spam folder. I view it as a quick pick-me-up on those days when it seems the world’s against me. It’s a lot like the “Little House on the Prairie” in that nothing bad ever happens there. (Unless you’re a deposed Nigerian ruler who’s been unfairly kicked out of his country and forced to live on the kindness of American strangers.) Just browsing through the subject lines of each message makes me feel special: “I’ve been looking for you all my life,” or “To my dearest friend I haven’t met,” or “You’ve … Read more

About Town: Beauty

Why do people move to Weston, Connecticut? Why do they stay? Please join the League of Women Voters of Weston for lunch on June 1, at noon at the Aspetuck Valley Country Club. The league’s Betty Hill Forum on International Affairs follows the luncheon. It is not too late to “pay at the door” and attend this annual event. You can find further details at lwvweston.org. Both the ambience of that locale and the camaraderie you’ll find there will serve to illustrate my answers to the questions asked above. Weston is “drop dead gorgeous,” and Westonites of all ages value … Read more

Editorial: Thank a volunteer at Georgetown Day

Every year since 1993, something very special has taken place in Georgetown.  It’s Georgetown Day, an old-town event that brings everyone from the community together. This year, Georgetown Day is Sunday, June 10, from noon to 6 p.m. in downtown Georgetown. Families from four surrounding towns — Redding, Weston, Wilton, and Ridgefield — as well as many others in the area — gather together to hear music, shop, and enjoy delicious food. The purpose of the event, which has grown every year, is to give people a taste of what Georgetown was like over the past century — that it’s … Read more

Editorial: Freedom

The Memorial Day holiday is filled with activities and fun and it marks the beginning of easier days — lazier, less stressful, sunnier, summer days are just around the bend. It’s a time when communities come to eat hot dogs and cheer the accomplishments of kids and adults alike as they march by in a parade. We first and foremost remember those who lost their lives in service to our great country. As we thank their brethren who stood by their side in the hardest, most awful conditions, we acknowledge the absence of so many — too many — who … Read more

About Town: Green

One of the pleasures of living in Weston is the simple fact that there isn’t any place that looks better in the spring. “Aspetuck News” shares the first part of its name with a beautiful river that marks a small part of the eastern border of Weston. When do I get to this part of town? At the League of Women Voters of Weston’s annual Betty Hill Forum on International Affairs. This year it takes place on June 1 at the Aspetuck Valley Country Club. For more information, please visit the league’s website, lwvweston.org. AVCC is recognized by Audubon International. … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Guardian angels

Talk about a thankless job: There’s no Hallmark card for guardian angels. Even worse, many don’t even believe they exist in spite of their prominent roles in both the Hebrew Bible and the Old Testament. When was the last time you thought about them, much less thanked them? Not that I was all that happy to learn of them as a child. While Jesus was present wherever two or more were gathered in His name, alone I could spend a little extra “me time” in the bathroom pursuing the sins of adolescent boys. Then my Sunday School teacher informed us … Read more

About Town: Discourse

The 2018 edition of the state legislature’s biennial “Short Session” is over, thankfully. That, in itself, is a significant accomplishment. Last year’s biennial “Long Session” left the state without a budget until October. A former state representative for the 135th District, to which Weston belongs, famously once said, “Hold on to your pocketbook when the legislature is in session.” How many bills during this session might affect Weston, or might have affected us if they had passed? As I perceive it, there were probably too many to count. I did not follow everything in every committee, of course, but what … Read more

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