LETTER: Garden Club thanks community

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: The Easton Garden Club would like to thank everyone who purchased a wreath and/or poinsettia or white pine roping during our Annual Sale.  The proceeds from this sale provides gorgeous holiday poinsettias to some of our Easton senior citizens and beautiful wreaths for our many municipal buildings.  As you drive around town, please take a moment to admire the wreaths decorating Town Hall, the police station, the library, the Senior Center, the Easton Community Center, EMS, Easton Park and Recreation Department, the Easton Fire Department, the Adams School House, the Bradley Hubble Garden, and the Animal Shelter. … Read more

LETTER: State employee unions ‘continue to bleed us dry’

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: In your recent article First Selectman Adam Dunsby is quoted as saying that Joe Aresimowicz, Democrat speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives, “is an AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) member.” He’s not just an AFSCME member, Mr. Dunsby, he is a very highly paid employee of AFSCME. It’s no wonder that “Union Joe” Aresimowicz and his Democrat colleagues recently gave our state employee unions an irresponsibly lucrative deal that lasts until 2027 and includes no layoffs for four years. It is reprehensible that Aresimowicz was allowed to obtain the most powerful position … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — When trust goes bust

Nothing screams “first world problem” more than the whining about Apple’s recent announcement that they designed iPhones to throttle their own batteries as they aged. While the flagship tech company put out a tone-deaf press release to quell the storm (it didn’t), it did little to remove the impression that they’d just been caught making their phones artificially antiquated in order to get their customers to buy new ones. Things like this matter. Not because it’s Apple, and not because battery life is so important. Rather, it’s the idea that another institution in which we placed our trust has let … Read more

COMMENTARY: Upcoming in Easton in 2018

Here are some things I think we will see in Easton in 2018. The mill rate will be reduced. Last year’s budget process was chaotic because of Gov. Dannel Malloy’s proposal to shift a portion of teachers’ pensions from the state to the towns. The proposed charge to Easton was $1.3 million (our budget is a bit over $40 million). The state budget process dragged on through October, and, not knowing what would become law, Easton’s Board of Finance decided to set the mill rate, assuming the governor’s proposal would mostly be implemented. Ultimately, the legislature did not implement the … Read more

EDITORIAL: Resolutions

Aspetuck News Editorial

It seems like only yesterday we were saying goodbye to 2016 and hopeful for a new vibe for 2017. Instead, 2017 seems to have continued to be a constant battle of “You’re either with me, or against me,” at least if you pay attention to social media or three quarters of the news. Switch it off However, there is obviously much more to life than what pops up on little or big screens — and if there isn’t, that is definitely a resolution we need to make. So many of us are addicted to a 24-hour feed of technology, as … Read more

Editorial: At long last, it’s Christmas

North Street in Easton around midnight on the evening of the season’s first snowfall saw this serene scene. — Shannon Calvert photo

Not only does it look a lot like Christmas, but in fact the long-awaited day is here. It’s a time many of us are looking forward to. But it’s also a sad time for those who have lost loved ones or yearn for past, happier times. We delight in seeing family members we haven’t seen in months or years. We remember past Christmases and all the excitement that accompanied them. We sing Christmas carols, sometimes in the streets for all of our neighbors to hear. A few of us may bemoan having heard too many holiday tunes in stores and … Read more

OPINION: Celebrating love and compassion

The Congregational Church of Easton lights up the intersection of Westport and Center roads. — Nancy Doniger photo

Sometimes we forget what the holidays are really about. Today, there is so much stress at the holidays. There are more cars on the roads, cards to write, decorations to put up, gifts to buy, and visits from family you haven’t seen in a year. With this comes long lines of waiting, bills and aggravation. Somehow the true meaning of the holidays seems to get lost for so many people. There doesn’t have to be added pressures with this holiday. This was not the original intention. Christmas was first celebrated as a Christian holiday in the fourth century A.D. Christmas … Read more

LETTER: Town of Easton, or kingdom?

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: As a 20-year Easton homeowner whose children have participated in various Park and Recreation programs, I have been concerned by the recent creation of the Board of Selectmen Park and Recreation Department Review subcommittee by Easton’s First Selectman Adam Dunsby. Dunsby is also representative of the 135th Congressional District of Easton, Redding and Weston. My concerns of the actual first selectman’s statutory roles and responsibilities (state statute 7-12a) were presented at the “subcommittee” meetings. I requested this be added to the Dec. 11 Park and Recreation Commission meeting minutes. CGA  Statute Sec. 7-12a. First selectman to be … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — The rise of the North Star (Shower)

The holiday season hits me like a swing from a coal-filled stocking once CVS starts playing Christmas carols the day after Halloween; the pressure alone could turn that coal into a diamond. Many of us spend the next two weeks struggling to manage seasonal stress like underfed reindeer pulling a giant, gift-laden sleigh. Americans have spent decades trying to make the holidays more manageable. My siblings and I grew up circling pictures in the Sears catalog for Santa (How had he grown so lazy? And brand-loyal?) while buying pre-filled stockings for our dog. Soon enough, Christmas trees were coming out … Read more

EDITORIAL: Stepping up to protect Mother Earth

Connecticut’s lawmakers removed $5 million for open space acquisition from the state’s 2017-18 budget. In the face of federal and state budget cuts and the loosening of environmental policies, it’s up to local groups like Aspetuck Land Trust and its 1,000-plus members to “drive the bus” of local land conservation to preserve more land. The land trust is asking community members to help by increasing their gifts by Dec. 31 or by becoming a first-time member. To sweeten the deal, the land trust is offering a denim cap to the first 50 current or new members who make a donation. … Read more

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