About Town: Good Riddance

Did you save your green flyer that came in the mail a few weeks ago? Please pay attention to its environmental wisdom. You can also refer to a list on the town of Weston website of 37 kinds of household hazardous waste items, which you will soon have an opportunity to dispose of, conveniently and safely. This handy guide to what’s hazardous is explained further in the flyer. Examples are likely to be lurking under the sink, or in the garage or basement. As announced in the green flyer, Saturday, April 28, from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. is Weston’s … Read more

Dunsby: Regionalize to save money? Okay, show me the numbers

Today, it is often stated that pushing municipalities to share services is critical to solving the state’s financial problems. I doubt that. First, municipalities have already regionalized services more than many realize. Second, while the term regionalization is hastily deployed, business plans showing the savings and who gets them are rarely seen. I suspect many of the ideas floated would not stand up to analysis. Municipal officials are under constant pressure to keep spending down. This leads them to look for savings everywhere, including sharing services with other towns. For example, Easton and Redding share a high school, school administration, … Read more

Editorial: Easton officials should be commended for preventative measures

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That old saying means that a little precaution before a crisis occurs is preferable to a lot of fixing up afterward. That’s what appears to be the case in the Christopher Barlow matter. The former Easton volunteer EMT faces a dizzying array of charges in Connecticut and Massachusetts, including unlawful possession of firearms and incendiary devices, impersonating a law enforcement officer, setting up a camera in the EMS bathroom, and photographing patients in an ambulance. But thanks to prompt action by Easton EMS, the Easton Police Department, and other law … Read more

About Town: Working Together

Thank goodness I live in Weston. We should be very proud of how we deal with local issues. My prime recent example would be, of course, the recently completed phase of the Dog Park saga. Everyone in Weston should be impressed with how we managed to engage close to 25% of all eligible voters in last week’s vote on this issue, even though a windstorm and power outages were developing as the day wore on, and even though we don’t have a town-centric print newspaper. The selectmen had wanted to hear from the general public on this issue. And they … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Musical shame

It happened as soon as I’d started our new car for the first time. I figured it was something left over from the previous owner. “Must have been an ABBA fan,” we chuckled as the first strains of “The Winner Takes It All” wafted unbidden through the speakers that night. It was easy enough to switch to the radio, so we thought nothing of it. When “Take a Chance on Me” popped up without warning the next time we started the car, we wondered if the previous owner had been Swedish, or maybe a distant relative of singer Anni-Frid Synni. … Read more

About Town: Bills

It is decision time at the legislature in Hartford. Bills in committees are voted up or down for consideration. Meaning they are sent “to the floor,” or not. Or perhaps they are sent on a trip to another committee, most times to die. This is also when it starts to get confusing. So far during this legislative session I’ve been watching bills at four committees. Planning and Development is my favorite. Environment comes next. I also check bills at the Energy & Technology and Transportation committees, mainly to see if they have any significance for Weston. At this early stage … Read more

Editorial: Take the wheel, put down the phone

We’ve all seen it. You’re driving along a highway, you pass a vehicle and as you glance over, the driver has one eye on the road, the other on a hand-held device. This practice knows no age or gender limitations — and it is a problem that can lead to accidents with serious injuries or even deaths. It’s sad to say, but we’ve all been tempted. It’s so easy. It’s just a second. The cellular phone pings, a message flashes on the screen. What could be the harm? It’s only a second. But it is that one-second distraction that could … Read more

Editorial: To Weston

With all due respect to Easton and Redding, two fine towns I’ve had the privilege of covering a bit recently, I’d like to extend a hearty “thank-you” to Weston. I started at The Weston Forum in the summer of 2015. It was my first “real” job after I graduated from UConn and I was nervous to learn how to be a reporter. I never studied journalism, so coming to this community to be in control of the news you read each week was a daunting responsibility for me. Almost immediately I felt welcome in Weston, a town I had only … Read more

Editorial: Faith

This week is a celebration for many of those of faith. Christians around the world will celebrate the most Holy Day of solemn and celebratory seasons of Christian faith — Easter. The holiday, this Sunday, ends a four-week period of lament and self-denial and causes Christians to pause and pray over the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross and contemplate with awe His miraculous resurrection. Children will also celebrate Easter by dyeing eggs in colorful patterns, hunting for plastic eggs containing special treasures, and going to sleep with visions of the Easter bunny hopping through their heads. On Easter … Read more

About Town: So long, Joe Lametta

I don’t recall if the groundhog predicted an early spring this year or not. But for sure we didn’t get one. When you have a March filled with seemingly nonstop snowstorms, one even paving the way for springtime skiing, enough is enough. Even our trusty and indefatigable public works director must be feeling that way. There was much news at recent meetings of the Board of Selectmen and the Board of Finance, especially as annual budget proposals were reviewed. But to me, none of this had greater significance than the news that Joe Lametta, head of Weston Public Works, is … Read more

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