Letter: Rock the Night Away was a success

To the Editor: It is with much gratitude that we write to thank the many friends of the Boys & Girls Club of Redding-Easton who contributed to the success of our Rock the Night Away event, which was held at the Redding Country Club on March 24. We raised more than $20,000 to help maintain our facility, fund our programs, and keep our registration fees reasonable. And a great, fun time was had by all who attended. Whether you were part of our committee, part of the band, an event sponsor, an attendee of the event, someone who donated an … Read more

Letter: Easton should review new classroom programs

To the Editor: This year’s BOE budget includes “new” sex education and social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, added in the past one or two years. In addition, our curriculum continues to be heavily Common Core based, even though U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has declared Common Core to be “dead.” Since our BOE has not followed state statutes requiring a “board established curriculum committee” to develop and approve curriculum, how were these programs chosen/developed? A legally constructed curriculum committee would work in public, maintain minutes, and shed sunlight on the development and the content of our curriculum. That … Read more

Letter: Easton Public Library thanks Mini-Golf sponsors

To the Editor: We’d like to thank all the individuals and local businesses who sponsored holes, donated silent auction items, and donated food and beverages for our “Links for Literature” Mini-Golf Fundraiser. Thank you, Alison Sternberg/Halstead Property, Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Bear and Grill, Caraluzzi’s, CARMA for Life, Celebrate Connecticut, the Connecticut Golf Club, Easton Village Store, Friends of the Easton Public Library, Il Palio Ristorante, Jensen Tire, Auto & Marine, Kindred Spirits, Koritko Insurance Group Inc., M.J. Home Solutions, Monroe Town and Country Veterinary Hospital, Oakwood Landscaping & Construction, Old Towne Restaurant, Primo Pizza, Silver/Petrucelli & Associates, Silverman’s Farm, … Read more

Letter: We need policies that unite us, not partisan diatribe

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Responding to the overwrought and inaccurate partisan diatribe from Sherry Harris in the Jan. 18 edition of The Easton Courier, while useless in hopes of having any effect on her ability to be reasonable, may nonetheless, be of some value to the public at large. As a committed independent voter who recognizes the philosophical flaws and virtues of both parties, I am really tired of rabid partisans implying that anyone even one step over the centerline is in some way a misguided and less patriotic American. By the way, if you ever watch the national conventions it … Read more

LETTER: Garden Club thanks community

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: The Easton Garden Club would like to thank everyone who purchased a wreath and/or poinsettia or white pine roping during our Annual Sale.  The proceeds from this sale provides gorgeous holiday poinsettias to some of our Easton senior citizens and beautiful wreaths for our many municipal buildings.  As you drive around town, please take a moment to admire the wreaths decorating Town Hall, the police station, the library, the Senior Center, the Easton Community Center, EMS, Easton Park and Recreation Department, the Easton Fire Department, the Adams School House, the Bradley Hubble Garden, and the Animal Shelter. … Read more

LETTER: State employee unions ‘continue to bleed us dry’

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: In your recent article First Selectman Adam Dunsby is quoted as saying that Joe Aresimowicz, Democrat speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives, “is an AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) member.” He’s not just an AFSCME member, Mr. Dunsby, he is a very highly paid employee of AFSCME. It’s no wonder that “Union Joe” Aresimowicz and his Democrat colleagues recently gave our state employee unions an irresponsibly lucrative deal that lasts until 2027 and includes no layoffs for four years. It is reprehensible that Aresimowicz was allowed to obtain the most powerful position … Read more

LETTER: Town of Easton, or kingdom?

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: As a 20-year Easton homeowner whose children have participated in various Park and Recreation programs, I have been concerned by the recent creation of the Board of Selectmen Park and Recreation Department Review subcommittee by Easton’s First Selectman Adam Dunsby. Dunsby is also representative of the 135th Congressional District of Easton, Redding and Weston. My concerns of the actual first selectman’s statutory roles and responsibilities (state statute 7-12a) were presented at the “subcommittee” meetings. I requested this be added to the Dec. 11 Park and Recreation Commission meeting minutes. CGA  Statute Sec. 7-12a. First selectman to be … Read more

LETTER: Election was good for democracy in Easton

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Thank you to those voters who turned out on Nov. 7 for Easton’s municipal elections. The weather was poor, and there was only one contested race, yet over 1,200 people exercised their franchise and took the time to vote. I am looking forward to serving my tenth term on the Board of Selectmen. Thank you for the opportunity and privilege to serve. Congratulations to everyone who ran and thank you for your service to our town. I offer special congratulations to Maureen Williams, our new Region 9 Board of Education representative, who won the contested race running … Read more

LETTER: Votes cast show faith and confidence in GOP officials

To the Editor: I want to congratulate the Republican officials who were elected last Tuesday. Most of them ran unopposed, but Easton voters nevertheless cast ballots for them reflecting the voter’s faith and confidence in them.   Republicans who were elected last week included Adam Dunsby and Carrie Colangelo for selectmen; Christine Halloran for town clerk; Krista Kot for tax collector; Mike Kot, Rich Cremin and Matt Gachi for Board of Finance; Wendy Bowditch for treasurer; Jeff Parker for local Board of Education; Todd Johnston for Region 9 Board of Education; John Harris for ZBA; and Adam Bonoff for Board … Read more

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