Letter: Easton selectmen usurped power of citizenry

To the Editor: The Easton Board of Selectmen usurped the Town Meeting by denying the public the right to take action on the proposed budget at the April 30 Town Meeting. Selectmen Dunsby, Lessler, and Colangelo unanimously voted to exclude the public’s right to lower the budget at its Annual Town Meeting and go directly go to a machine vote, through controlling the agenda/call of its Annual Town Meeting. While it is within the selectmen’s purview to set the agenda/call of the meeting, it is not within their purview to use their charge to prevent the public from adopting, lowering … Read more

Letters to the Editor: Redding-Easton Budget

Redding budget — let’s work with real numbers To the Editor: Most of what I hear about the impact of the town budget, overlaid on a townwide revaluation, seems to be a combination of confusion and political talk — but numbers, if honestly discussed, are more objective than political talk. The town’s budget is proposed to go up by 2.35%. That is how much more money it needs to collect from us taxpayers. Any amount or percentage other than this is due to the revaluation and will vary greatly from house to house with some higher, some lower than 2.35%. … Read more

Letter: Thanks from Easton community tag sale

To the Editor: The annual community tag sale at the Congregational Church of Easton took place on Saturday, May 19. This event helps support our activities as a church in the community of Easton and the surrounding towns. This event also gives people a safe place to sell many different items, from clothing to jewelry, to children’s toys, to books and CDs. Every year we ask support from our local businesses in the way of sponsorships and gifts for our tea cup auction. We give special thanks to our sponsors, who have helped to make this event possible: Redgate-Hennessy Funeral … Read more

Letters: Easton Firearms Ordinance

Gun deaths are heartbreaking To the Editor: It is reprehensible that Congress continues to take a defeatist, NRA-approved approach to reasonable gun control despite the onslaught of shootings in our country’s schools and public places. Two of the letters in response to Selectman Lessler’s proposal of a gun safety ordinance in Easton (for which I am grateful) similarly observed that increased regulations “will do little to keep anyone intent on harm from committing an atrocity.” Statistics from studies by the Harvard School of Public Health’s Injury Control Center and Boston University’s School of Public Health contradict this, as do statistics … Read more

Letter: Firearms ordinance may have unintended consequences

To the Editor: Selectman Lessler’s proposed firearms ordinance is certainly a call to action, and no shortage of public commentary is expected. While raising points worthy of discussion, it is mostly solutions in search of problems, never clearly defined, with net effects to further erode our personal and private property rights while including provisions that would detract rather than add to public safety. I expect this ordinance, if passed, to inevitably create multiple unintended undesirable consequences, including the need to create a noise ordinance in order to enforce proposed firearms ordinance, plus other unnecessary enforcement burdens on the Easton Police … Read more

Letter: Firearms ordinance in Easton makes good sense

To the Editor: I speak from personal experience when I say I’m encouraged Easton is considering a gun safety ordinance. Guns of all types present a clear and present danger and we must assert our rights to be protected from their misuse. My own experience began with the annoyance brought about by a neighbor’s prolonged target practice with various guns. While gardening, sitting on the deck with friends or playing with our grandchildren, we felt extreme discomfort. We had the sense of being under attack. And though I told myself we were safe, my body wasn’t convinced. It turns out … Read more

Letter: Rock the Night Away was a success

To the Editor: It is with much gratitude that we write to thank the many friends of the Boys & Girls Club of Redding-Easton who contributed to the success of our Rock the Night Away event, which was held at the Redding Country Club on March 24. We raised more than $20,000 to help maintain our facility, fund our programs, and keep our registration fees reasonable. And a great, fun time was had by all who attended. Whether you were part of our committee, part of the band, an event sponsor, an attendee of the event, someone who donated an … Read more

Letter: Easton should review new classroom programs

To the Editor: This year’s BOE budget includes “new” sex education and social and emotional learning (SEL) programs, added in the past one or two years. In addition, our curriculum continues to be heavily Common Core based, even though U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has declared Common Core to be “dead.” Since our BOE has not followed state statutes requiring a “board established curriculum committee” to develop and approve curriculum, how were these programs chosen/developed? A legally constructed curriculum committee would work in public, maintain minutes, and shed sunlight on the development and the content of our curriculum. That … Read more

Letter: Easton Public Library thanks Mini-Golf sponsors

To the Editor: We’d like to thank all the individuals and local businesses who sponsored holes, donated silent auction items, and donated food and beverages for our “Links for Literature” Mini-Golf Fundraiser. Thank you, Alison Sternberg/Halstead Property, Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Bear and Grill, Caraluzzi’s, CARMA for Life, Celebrate Connecticut, the Connecticut Golf Club, Easton Village Store, Friends of the Easton Public Library, Il Palio Ristorante, Jensen Tire, Auto & Marine, Kindred Spirits, Koritko Insurance Group Inc., M.J. Home Solutions, Monroe Town and Country Veterinary Hospital, Oakwood Landscaping & Construction, Old Towne Restaurant, Primo Pizza, Silver/Petrucelli & Associates, Silverman’s Farm, … Read more

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