Letter: Patti Popp’s Sports Hill Farm hosts great events

To the Editor: The topic of places to gather in Easton has come up frequently at recent meetings in town, so for anyone interested, I heartily recommend Patti Popp’s Sport Hill Farm events. Friends gathered there on Saturday night in an atmosphere that is a perfect reflection of our town’s distinctive beauty and wonderful rural nature. Excellent bluegrass and countrified Americana music was provided by Easton’s own Dan Carlucci and his Hitch & The Giddyup band, outstanding musicians and a perfect complement to the evening. Patti has more events listed for the fall, so don’t miss the opportunity to gather … Read more

Letter: Glad the Easton property ordinance was rejected

To the Editor: At the special town meeting in Easton on Sept. 24, we voted on a proposed ordinance that would have required a town meeting for any future transaction of town-owned property valued at $10,000 or more. The proposal did not pass. I opposed the ordinance because of its very low $10,000 threshold for holding a town meeting. I think it is practical that small transactions be handled by elected town officials without burdening the citizens with a town meeting. Had the threshold been higher, I might have supported it — but not anymore. Points raised at the meeting … Read more

Letter: Selectmen were overreaching at Easton Town Meeting

To the Editor: At the Sept. 24 petitioned Easton Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and the moderator acted illegally to prevent citizens from voting by secret ballot on the ordinance presented. Additionally, they failed to check-in voters at the door and forced a “separate the room” vote count under chaotic conditions with no check for accuracy. You can view the full town meeting on my website at elect-anne.homesteadcloud.com. Enter and click the link to Strengthen Town Government. The Town Meeting is the legislative body of Easton and the BOS is incrementally usurping the power of citizens in that … Read more

Letter: In-person voter registration can be done through Election Day

To the Editor: We noted in Maggie Silverstein’s letter to the editor last week that the last day of registering to vote in the 2018 election was mentioned as Oct. 30. That date is correct for the postmark for mail in registrations and those that are hand delivered to the registrars.   However, applicants who wish to register can still register up to and including Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 6, with Election Day Registration (EDR) at the registrars’ office in Easton Town Hall. For more specific information, please check the secretary of the state’s website at [email protected], or contact us … Read more

Letter: An understanding of Connecticut’s political parties

To the Editor : Most of us have pretty strong opinions about America’s two major political parties. We may also hear about other political parties: the minor parties. As many people register to vote for the first time or perhaps contemplate changing their registration, it’s important that we understand these smaller parties as well. The first step is to know that the highest percentage of voters in Connecticut is not registered with any party. These unaffiliated voters registered to vote without choosing a party, and they number 956,000. There are also 848,000 Democrats and 481,000 Republicans statewide, and 32,000 voters who … Read more

Letter: Vote no on proposed Easton ordinance

To the Editor: The Sept. 24 Easton Town Meeting has been called to discuss and vote on a proposed town ordinance. On its face, some people might say that this proposal will make the town more accountable and provide taxpayers with a greater voice. The fact of the matter is that the proposed ordinance can make it more difficult for the town to conduct its normal business. Enacting this law would add additional concerns to the day-to-day operations of the town and could make doing ordinary business more difficult and cumbersome. It is much more efficient for the town to … Read more

Letter: Easton taxpayers should have more say in planning

To the Editor: Currently Easton taxpayers have no authority or control in the planning or enforcement of our zoning and land use. Our three elected selectmen appoint five members and three alternates to our Planning & Zoning Commission, all volunteers. Taxpayers have no say in who serves on this all-powerful P&Z Commission, which now includes large landowners, a real estate developer and a real estate agent. This defective system lets P&Z devise and execute a commercial development plan that it determines is best for Easton. Neither selectmen nor the taxpayers who finance this town have any right of approval or … Read more

Commercial district is not in best interest of Easton

To the Editor: Citizens for Easton, a civic group that has supported Easton’s agricultural heritage and natural resources for nearly half a century, does not believe that the creation of a commercial village district would be in the best interests of our town. We are in fact perplexed by our Planning & Zoning Commission’s efforts to establish one, along with other development initiatives. P&Z has served Easton long and well, but such intensified development would seem to abrogate its charter. Let us be clear, as we have been on this issue and so many others in recent years: Easton contains … Read more

Letter: Easton taxpayers should decide fate of South Park

To the Editor: In 2008, Easton taxpayers voted in a town-wide referendum to purchase the South Park Avenue property “for preservation, conservation and land use control purposes,” so why 10 years later is our Board of Selectmen entertaining a proposal to build a baseball stadium there? Easton’s taxpayers are paying for the purchase, maintenance and preservation of this land. So, it should be these same taxpayers who decide what we do with it. To help ensure this, the Easton Town Clerk has just certified and forwarded to the Board of Selectmen a petition to adopt an ordinance that requires approval … Read more

Letter: Political campaigners are going politely door-to-door

To the Editor: In light of the Easton Police Department’s warning about strangers (“Easton police warn residents of ‘distraction burglaries,” 7/19), I’d like to point out that you do not need to fear every stranger who comes to your door. Easton and its surrounding towns are friendly and safe places to live. I am one of many volunteers who has been going door-to-door for candidates running for office this year. We have a wonderful time meeting our neighbors, chatting about local candidates and issues, and reminding people to vote on Nov. 6. We wear large tags that identify us as … Read more

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