Congressmen slam new tax plan

Weston’s congressional leaders have slammed the recently passed tax reform bill, which was approved primarily along party lines. U.S. Sens. Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy, and Congressman Jim Himes, all Democrats, voted against the bill, which they claim will benefit the wealthy and hurt the middle class and the poor. After the Senate vote, Blumenthal called the tax bill “an abomination,” characterizing it as more about tax cuts than actual tax reform. “This one betrays basic American values. It funds burgeoning tax breaks for the wealthiest one percent — who receive 83% of the bill’s benefits — by burdening our … Read more

Weston Democrats to hold caucus

Fran Goldstein, chairman of the Democratic Town Committee of Weston, has issued a notice to all enrolled members of the Democratic Party of Weston. Pursuant to the rules of the Democratic Party and state election laws, Weston Democrats are hereby notified that a caucus will be held on Jan. 10, at 8 p.m. at Weston Town Hall, 56 Norfield Road, Weston to endorse candidates for the Democratic Town Committee and to transact other business as may be proper to come before said caucus.

Weston News Alert: Schedule for Oath of Office ceremony

There will be an Oath of Office ceremony for newly-elected town officials on Monday, Nov. 13 in the Meeting Room at Weston Town Hall at 6:45 p.m. The following is the ceremony schedule: Pledge of Allegiance lead by Troop 788 Invocation Rabbi Yehuda Kantor, Reverend Bernard Wilson, and Katherine Piazza National Anthem Momo Burns-Min Planning and Zoning Commission Harry Falber, Sally Korsh, Britta A. Lerner Oath by Ellen Jones, Assistant Town Clerk Zoning Board of Appeals W. MacLeod Snaith, Bob Machson, Don Scarborough Oath by Ellen Jones, Assistant Town Clerk Zoning Board of Appeals Alternates Jim Low, John Moran Oath by Ellen … Read more

Weston Democrats win big in election

Democratic campaign manager Barbara Reynolds embraces Chris Spaulding and Brian Gordon after the election results were announced. — Gregory Menti photo

The municipal election of 2017 was a resounding victory for Weston Democrats who won every contested seat they could by a substantial margin. The results varied greatly from the 2015 election when Republicans dominated and took control of a majority of town boards, including the Board of Selectmen. However, the tide has changed. In the first selectman’s race, Democrat Chris Spaulding had a resounding victory over Republican incumbent Nina Daniel. Spaulding got 2,112 votes, more than twice as many as Daniel, who got 908 votes, a 1,204 vote difference. “I’m feeling an unbelievable amount of gratitude for all of our … Read more

Election 2017: Official Weston voting results

Weston's new Board of Selectmen.

Official Weston voting results First Selectman Chris Spaulding (D) 2,112* Nina Daniel (R) 908 Selectman Brian Gordon (D) 1,781* Stephan Grozinger (R) 1,210 (Grozinger gets third selectmen’s seat) Board of Finance Steve Ezzes (D) 2,076* Bob Ferguson (R) 1,250* Bob Machson (R) 1,024 Jerry Sargent (R) 1,402* Rone Baldwin (R) 1,362* Peter McGinnis (PC) 692 Effie Thieme (PC) 835 Board of Education Tony Pesco (D) 1,777* Sara Spaulding (D) 2,106* Samantha Nestor (D) 2,005* Elise Major (R) 1,550 Board of Education (2-year vacancy) Gina Albert (D) 2,234* Board of Assessment Appeals Denise Maczy (D) 1,665* Leslie Riback (R) 1,220* Planning … Read more

Unofficial Weston voting results: Democrat landslide

As of 9 p.m.: Unofficial Weston voting results (Does not include absentee ballots). First Selectman Chris Spaulding (D) 2,103* Nina Daniel (R) 905 Selectman Brian Gordon (D) 1,774* Stephan Grozinger (R) 1,206 (Grozinger gets third selectmen’s seat) Board of Finance Steve Ezzes (D) 2,068* Bob Ferguson (R) 1,246* Bob Machson (R) 1,021 Jerry Sargent (R) 1,399* Rone Baldwin (R) 1,358* Peter McGinnis (PC) 690 Effie Thieme (PC) 832 Board of Education Tony Pesco (D) 1,769* Sara Spaulding (D) 2,097* Samantha Nestor (D) 1,996* Elise Major (R) 1,548 Board of Education (2-year vacancy) Gina Albert (D) 2,227* Board of Assessment Appeals … Read more

Political signs unclear about endorsements

A number of Republican election signs around town may be misleading voters into thinking certain candidates were endorsed by The Weston Forum when they weren’t. Yellow stickers attached to the signs say “Endorsed by The Weston Forum.” While this is true about some of the candidates, it is not true for some of the others who are also named on the signs. Bob Ferguson, chairman of Weston’s Republican Town Committee, said the stickers were supposed to be placed only on the names of candidates who were endorsed by The Forum. He said he has asked people to remove signs with … Read more

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