Letter: Come to the Charity Golf Outing in Redding

To the Editor: The Redding First Church of Christ, Congregational, has announced its annual Charity Golf Outing Fundraiser. The outing is Monday, June 18, at the beautiful Redding Country Club.  Members of the public are invited to enjoy this fun event while helping worthwhile charities. Some local charities benefiting from the event include Redding Shares the Warmth, Ability Beyond, Habitat for Humanity, and the Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen in Danbury. It’s a great way to host clients at a fun event, invite friends from out of town to enjoy a day on a beautiful golf course with fantastic food and … Read more

Letter: Mark Twain Library needs public support

To the Editor: Often called the jewel in Redding’s crown, Mark Twain Library offers an array of events and programs that rival towns many times its size. The town funds 58% of the library budget but that leaves $325,000 the library must raise on its own, more than a quarter-million dollars. The library needs our help. Keep the crown jewel shining with your support. There’s a handy return envelope for your contribution in the town-wide mailing that went out last week. Emily d’Aulaire Sunset Hill, Redding

Letter: More transparency needed on Redding police staffing

To the Editor: I  want to set the record straight regarding my recent letter, which First Selectman Pemberton described as “misleading.” First, I salute the selectmen for taking steps to reduce the police budget. But those steps aren’t enough, particularly when the labor department recently reported that wages in Danbury metro have decreased by 3.7% over the past 12 months. That’s right, wages didn’t increase or even stay flat, they decreased. Now, as to the facts in my letter. After attending the March 15 meeting where Pemberton presented the proposed budget, I was confused about the SSO and SRO staffing … Read more

Letter: Come to Redding Eagle Scout Court of Honor

To the Editor: Redding’s Troop 15 is hosting an Eagle Scout Court of Honor this Sunday, April 15, at St. Patrick’s Church in Redding at 2:30 p.m. to celebrate our two newest Eagle Scouts, Nathaniel DeMelis and Keegan Kolf. As is our tradition, we cordially invite all Eagle Scouts who live in Redding to attend regardless of where they earned their Eagle rank. Eagles, please join us. Trevor Furrer Eagle Scout Adviser, Troop 15 Redding

Letter: Rock the Night Away was a success

To the Editor: It is with much gratitude that we write to thank the many friends of the Boys & Girls Club of Redding-Easton who contributed to the success of our Rock the Night Away event, which was held at the Redding Country Club on March 24. We raised more than $20,000 to help maintain our facility, fund our programs, and keep our registration fees reasonable. And a great, fun time was had by all who attended. Whether you were part of our committee, part of the band, an event sponsor, an attendee of the event, someone who donated an … Read more

Redding library needs support now more than ever

To the Editor: $325,000. That is the portion of the Mark Twain Library’s 2018-19 operating budget (staff salaries, light, heat, AC, books, paper … the bare necessities) not paid for by the town/your taxes. It is a formidable amount of money and yet it is essential to the livelihood of Redding’s library. We need to raise $325,000 this year, and so we are at it. Shortly, you will be receiving our Annual Appeal plea in the mail if you haven’t already. Its message is “Now more than ever.” Now more than ever we are providing more programs, for more people … Read more

Letter: Letter not correct about dog park’s size

To the Editor: I just read Chuck Palsho’s letter to the editor in last week’s issue stating that Weston’s dog park will be the largest in the country. Apparently he has not done his homework or just let his imagination get carried away. There are many dog parks throughout the country larger than 3.65 acres (his quote about size) that have been well run and maintained, and I am told with minimum expenses. We just returned from a trip from Connecticut to Florida, stopping at some wonderful much larger dog parks, which, by the way, are social centers with dog … Read more

Letter about Redding SRO and first selectman’s response

Adding Redding SROs to patrol does not help To the Editor: Why is the Board of Selectmen proposing that the John Read Middle School and the Joel Barlow High School school resource officers (SROs) join the Redding Police Department’s patrol rotation when school is not in session? Our police department is overstaffed and this approach doesn’t solve that problem. Wolf Boehme Chalburn Road, Redding Response to letter about SRO To the Editor: The letter submitted by Mr. Boehme is misleading. Here are the facts. The selectmen’s proposed budget replaces the SRO at John Read Middle School with a part-time school … Read more

Letter: Redding drivers are not stopping at stop signs

To the Editor: For the last couple years, I have been troubled by the number of cars that do not stop at stop signs. I would say about 5% of drivers come to a full stop before proceeding. I was really upset when I saw a school bus full of students roll through a stop sign, but the epitome was when I saw a Redding police officer glide through one, too. After this occurrence, I proceeded to write a letter to Redding Police Chief Fuchs. This was about a year ago, and I never heard any response. Nor did I … Read more

Letter: Join students in March for Our Lives

To the Editor: After the Parkland shooting, as has been the case with countless other school shootings, the conversation about gun safety has once again been reignited. Footage from inside the school and eyewitness accounts have terrified us to the point that we can no longer continue abiding the status quo. Since the tragic events that took place in nearby Sandy Hook, nothing has changed. Mass shootings, especially those in schools, continue to occur at an alarming rate. The conversation erupts every time a large number of people are killed, but no action is taken, often due to the staunch … Read more

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