Letters: Vote yes on the Redding budget

Letters in support of the Redding budget vote on Tuesday, June 26 I am writing to encourage friends and neighbors in Redding to come out on Tuesday, June 26, and vote yes to support our children, our Board of Education, and our town. If you, like me, will be out of town or otherwise not able to make it to the polls during voting hours, remember to pick up an absentee ballot application and complete an absentee ballot. The whole process, from application to completion of the ballot, takes about 10 minutes. If you need information on the process, go … Read more

Letter: Vote no on the Redding budget

To the Editor: By now, everyone is tired of budget talk. After two rejections, shouldn’t we just vote yes and move on? Not so fast. Redding voters came out in extraordinary numbers to oppose excessive spending. So, where do things stand now? The selectmen put forth a budget slightly lower than last year’s. The Region 9 BOE put forth a budget calling for about $670,000 in additional spending, largely because more Redding students will attend the high school this year. So far, so good. The Redding BOE, however, is still seeking an increase of about $377,000, despite declining K-8 enrollment. … Read more

Letter: Redding voters must unite more and divide less

To the Editor: The recent tenor of discussion regarding Redding’s budget has caused me great consternation. Sustaining a community requires balancing the interests of the individual families and those of our community as a whole. Eons ago, our forebears found it advantageous to improve their quality of life by pooling their resources and efforts rather than acting independently. This concept of weighing the group needs along with individual needs underlies the progress and ease that we enjoy today. There are many societies around the globe where mutual action has been subordinated to a corrosive, every-man-for-himself culture. We risk spiraling closer … Read more

Letters to the Editor: Redding-Easton Budget

Redding budget — let’s work with real numbers To the Editor: Most of what I hear about the impact of the town budget, overlaid on a townwide revaluation, seems to be a combination of confusion and political talk — but numbers, if honestly discussed, are more objective than political talk. The town’s budget is proposed to go up by 2.35%. That is how much more money it needs to collect from us taxpayers. Any amount or percentage other than this is due to the revaluation and will vary greatly from house to house with some higher, some lower than 2.35%. … Read more

Letter: Redding Garden Club plant sale was a success

To the Editor: The Redding Garden Club thanks the town for supporting our annual Plant Sale on May 12 at Lonetown Farm. Attendees found a great choice of outstanding perennials that are tried and true, new cultivars released this year, tomatoes, herbs, and annuals of every description. The garden tools and the Second Hand Rose treasures were perfect as gifts for Mom. Our members put in many hours of preparation and on-site support, talking with neighbors, suggesting plant combinations to complement design plans, offering plant care tips, and even appearing as Polly the Pollinating Bee. Their labor made this event … Read more

Letter: Redding officials need to eliminate positions

To the Editor: Our elected officials need to conduct a fundamental review of what services our town government, including our schools, provides and how, but right now we need to get a budget in place for the year starting July 1. Do not consider, for even a fleeting moment, raiding the town’s fund balance. That is our savings account that the Board of Finance worked years to build up and sustain. Furthermore, our current Board of Finance leadership needs to consider our local economy when deliberating what level of spending is appropriate. The Redding Board of Education needs to propose … Read more

Letter: Boucher provides effective governance in Hartford

To the Editor: In the April 26 edition of your paper, you ran an article on Republican Toni Boucher’s decision to seek re-election as a State Senator and an article on Democrat, Will Haskell’s decision to run for Toni’s current seat. While we’re unfamiliar with Mr. Haskell’s qualifications, we do know that Ms. Boucher has served the interests of our state exceptionally well in the years she’s been in office. Her effectiveness has been demonstrated in spades by the high percentage of bipartisan votes she’s received in all of her elections. As Connecticut natives, we’ve seen many politicians and we’ve … Read more

Letter: Run for the Cows was a success

Dear Editor: New Pond Farm just hosted its seventh annual Run for the Cows with 1,200 runners,  dedicating themselves to the Seven-Mile Run, the Half Marathon, and the Mighty Cow Challenge, as well as 125 energetic Piglet Prancers. We were especially honored to have the legendary Olympic gold medalist Joan Benoit Samuelson with us. Inspiring stories abounded. Some people ran in memory of loved ones, others ran to celebrate a triumph over a health challenge, many ran for the pure joy of it and to celebrate New Pond Farm, but everyone was focused on doing their personal best. This was … Read more

Letter: Noise from gunfire ruins town’s peace and quiet

To the Editor: When a bullet pierces the headboard of a resident’s bed [see letter April 26], the law that gives a pass to target shooters needs revision. I live near the Easton/Redding town line, where target shooting by a neighbor has ruined the peace of many Sunday afternoons with explosive booms that indicate heavy weaponry. A firearms ordinance should be part of a noise ordinance. According to the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, 75 municipalities in Connecticut have noise pollution ordinances that prohibit extreme decibels — to name a few: Bridgeport, Danbury, Derby, Fairfield, Greenwich, New Canaan, Norwalk, … Read more

Letter: Redding resident upset over stolen Easter flowers

To the Editor: I am so upset. I set potted flowers on my husband’s, inlaws’, and parents’ graves in the Umpawaug Burial Grounds in West Redding. For Easter, they looked lovely. After the last snowstorm, I went to see how they were. They survived and looked great. Just the other day, I went to see how they were doing, only to discover someone had stolen two pots of tulips. What kind of a criminal would do this? I am filled with many emotions, many of which I am not proud to have. Please pray this criminal will be punished. Edith … Read more

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