Weston selectmen choose new public works director

Louis Martirano, the highways superintendent for a Westchester County, N.Y., town who has many years of experience in engineering, construction and public works, has been named Weston’s new director of public works. Martirano is scheduled to begin his new position on Monday, Sept. 24.

The announcement came after a special meeting of Weston’s Board of Selectmen on Friday, Aug. 10. The board confirmed Martirano’s selection, and he subsequently accepted the post.

In his new role, Martirano replaces Joe Lametta, who is retiring on Friday, Sept. 28, after 40 years of service to the town.

Martirano has almost 30 years of experience in engineering, construction management and municipal public works administration. As superintendent of highways for the town of Mamaroneck, N.Y., he has supervised a budget of $3.7 million and managed 25 full-time employees. Martirano lives in New Fairfield.

Martirano will spend his initial week on the job in Weston being briefed by Lametta on some of the workings of town hall, and the roles different people play in getting the work done. For his longtime service, Lametta was feted at a retirement party on Aug. 3.

The public works director position was advertised on the websites of two organizations oriented to municipal public works professionals: American Public Works Association and Connecticut Conference of Municipalities. In total, 16 people applied for the job and five were brought in for the first round of interviews.

The interview committee consisted of First Selectman Chris Spaulding, Town Administrator Jonathan Luiz, and public works professionals from Cheshire, Columbia and Watertown — three communities of the same approximate size as Weston. Martirano was the only candidate invited for a second interview.

“Martirano was far and away our number one candidate,” said Luiz. “We brought him in for a second round of interviews with me, the town engineer, chief of police, conservation and planning, and other town officials.”

According to Luiz, everyone involved was impressed by how Martirano interfaces with other municipal departments in Mamaroneck. They also liked his understanding of the municipal budget process.

“He understands how important customer service is in a department such as public works, and how to craft a budget that meets the town’s needs,” said Luiz. “He impressed us all as a good person to work with.”


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