Weston December home sales are up from last month

Property TransfersThere were 25 home sales in Weston in the month of December, up considerably from the 11 home sales in November.

In December, home sales totaled $23.10 million. The average sale price was $918,076, and the median sale price was $855,000.

In addition, there was one land sale for $218,500 on Grey Fox Lane.

The highest sale price was $1.589 million for a house on North Avenue. That property is partially located in Westport. The lowest sale price was $420,000 for a house on Old Mill Road.

Of the 25 homes sold, 13 exceeded the average sales price.

A year ago, in December 2016, there were fewer total home sales, but the average sales price was higher. Property transfers for 10 houses totaled $10.77 million, with an average of $1.07 million per transaction.

The following property transfers were recorded with the town clerk for the month of December 2016:

  • 18 Laurel Lake West, Laurel Lake Island LLC to Alexis and Renee Johnson, $880,000
  • 129 Davis Hill Road, Arnold Frankel and Allegra Hart to Barry Goldberg and Susan Altschuler, $1,175,000
  • 39 Ravenwood Drive, Andres and Sally Gonzales to NP Dodge NEI Trust, $740,000
  • 39 Ravenwood Drive, NP Dodge NEI Trust to Francis and Michelle Dimaria, $715,000 (same property as above)
  • 64 Lyons Plain Road, John Seigenthaler and Kerry Brock to Barbara Shaw, $1,350,000
  • 17 North Avenue, Rochelle Kassen to Samuel Jacob, $1,589,000 (partially in Westport)
  • 37 Godfrey Road West, Mark and Leslie Emanuel to Andrew Chown and Maxine Higgins, $1,150,000
  • 82 Lords Highway, Williams Killoran and Elizabeth Armbruster to Francis and Jennifer Culkin, $741,000
  • 111 Steep Hill Road, Jason and Stacey Alper to Thea Rattner, $650,000
  • 282-286 Lyons Plain Road, Lyons Plain Road LLC to Richard and Emi Pollack, $875,000
  • 183 Davis Hill Road, Jamie Berger Katz to Sonia Suarex and Giovanna Suarez Criollo, $749,000
  • 42 Norfield Woods Road, Thomas and Allison Robbins to David Tobey and Miriam Zalcman, $1,289,000
  • 183 Good Hill Road, Nina Daniel to Torrey and Vanessa Martin, $975,000
  • 12 Winthrop Hill, John and Maria Reilly to Kurt Stuart and Sarah Trickett Stuart, $1,475,000
  • 17 Old Mill Road, Judith Leventhal to Tas Mahr and Marina Masic, $420,000
  • 6 Woods End Lane, John and Jane Horner to Paul Woodley, $1,000,000
  • 163 Weston Road, Shelley and Ben Gorbaty to Oabtekus and Alejandra Kourembanas, $630,000
  • 38 Wells Hill Road, Robert and Lynda Crowell to Oliver and Veena Simon, $795,000
  • 216 Good Hill Road, James Shapiro and Cheryl Vitali to German and Robin Dziebel, $835,000
  • 10 Graylock Road, Marilyn Moks to Christopher and Alexandra Morse, $715,000
  • 83 Birch Hill Road, Sandra Young to Philip and Sharon Debruyn, $699,000
  • 50 Sachem Road, John and Margaret Kaeser to Kevin and Anne Dougherty, $1,069,000
  • 88 Old Hyde Road, Marjorie Szeto to Franklin and Tracy Collins, $550,000
  • 44 Newtown Turnpike, Paul Bushell and Joseph Poprosky to Adam Buxbaum, $1,255,000 (partially in Wilton)
  • 228 Georgetown Road, Bank of New York Mellon FKA to Amber Gordon and Shaun Cardoza, $550,000
  • 10 School Path Road, Raphael and Gillian Blunschi to Robert and Carol Kanter, $999,000
Land Sale

26R Grey Fox Lane, Jobermar Properties LLC to Net Zero Homes LLC, $218,500

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