Former Easton EMT indicted in Massachusetts court

Massachusetts authorities have lodged 58 separate charges, including taking and distributing photos of nude children, against former Easton EMT Christopher Barlow.

According to an indictment filed Tuesday, Aug. 7, at Plymouth County Superior Court in Plymouth, the charges, all of which allegedly took place in the town of Duxbury from 2014 to 2015, include distributing photos of a nude child and photographing an unsuspecting nude person.

Barlow, 21, is being indicted and formally arraigned Wednesday, Aug. 15, at Suffolk County Superior Court in Boston.

He faces additional charges in Massachusetts, and allegations in Connecticut in addition to the latest indictment.

Barlow’s attorney in Massachusetts said his client was diagnosed with “significant mental health disorders, but with his medications, he was restored to competency.”

Attorney Michael Bergeron calls Barlow’s case “a success story in the mental health field.”

He said Barlow’s behavior relates back to a period of time “when Christopher was untreated for significant mental health disorders. Since Christopher was arrested in June of  2017, he has actively participated with numerous mental health experts related to his pending charges. He continues with his treatment and has become a success story in an area of medicine, which is very difficult for one to find success. Christopher and his family want to thank his doctors and the community for their support throughout this difficult process as everybody moves forward.”

In November of 2017, Barlow, who is currently staying at his grandfather’s home in Massachusetts, was sent to Bridgewater State Hospital, and held there “due to the fact that he was not competent to stand trial,” Bergeron said.

Part of his conditions of release in Massachusetts was to take his prescribed medications and meet with a psychiatrist twice a week. He also wore a GPS tracking device, according to Bergeron.

Additional charges

In an investigation that began in the summer of 2017, police in Duxbury accused Barlow of falsely claiming to be a Homeland Security agent and amassing a collection of guns, ammunition, explosives, and stolen medical equipment, based on an initial complaint from the authorities in Connecticut.

Barlow was indicted by Massachusetts last October on six counts of receiving stolen property, four counts of unlawful possession of a firearm or ammunition, and one count each of impersonating a police officer, possession of an incendiary device and carrying a dangerous weapon.

Before his arrest, Barlow was taking classes at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield and was volunteering as an EMT for Easton.

Barlow was arrested by Easton police on March 21, on charges that include two counts of voyeurism, both involving his being with Easton EMS. He is no longer with the organization.

During the investigation that resulted in the first set of charges in Massachusetts, authorities said they discovered inappropriate photos, allegedly taken by Barlow, of patients who were being transported in an ambulance while under his care as an EMT in Easton.

Barlow was also found to have placed cameras around the EMS building and to have recorded videos in a bathroom, resulting in the second count of voyeurism.

“He had images streaming from cameras he had hidden, through his paranoia,” Bergeron said. “One camera was pointed up towards the pull-down attic stairs, so there are images of girls walking by as it’s live-streaming,” he said.

Barlow was also charged by Easton police with two counts of stealing a firearm, illegal alteration of records and providing false statements on an application for a long rifle.

His next court date in Connecticut is Oct. 5 at Superior Court in Bridgeport.

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