Dunsby and Hughes to debate in Weston

Anne Hughes and Adam Dunsby
Anne Hughes and Adam Dunsby

The League of Women Voters of Weston is hosting a debate between Adam Dunsby and Anne Hughes, Republican and Democratic candidates, respectively, in the upcoming election for 135th District state representative, on Saturday, Oct. 13, beginning at 10:30 a.m and lasting until noon in the Weston Town Hall meeting room.

The 135th District encompasses Easton, Weston and most of Redding.

The debate moderator will be Jean Rabinow of the League of Women Voters of Connecticut.

The candidates will be asked to respond to questions that are provided by the audience, in writing on cards that will be supplied. These will be screened by the league for appropriateness, that is, questions that can be addressed by both candidates.

The LWV of Weston will be videotaping the debate for subsequent presentation on its website,, and probably also on the town of Weston WGTV.

Light refreshments will be served. Weston Town Hall is located at 56 Norfield Road.

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