About Town: Candidate debate

What are you doing Saturday morning, Oct. 13, from 10:30 to noon? I’m going to be at the Weston Town Hall meeting room. Get ready for the League of Women Voters of Weston’s debate for candidates to represent the 135th District in the state legislature. Namely Democrat Anne Hughes and Republican incumbent Adam Dunsby. This is the district that encompasses the three towns served by the Aspetuck News — Easton, Weston, and most of Redding. Partisan politics aside, what are the issues? Most people are horrified at what has been going on in Washington, D.C. lately, although perhaps for a … Read more

About Town: Multifaceted public hearing in Weston

Get set for a triple-feature, involving governmental matters. But since this is Weston, it most likely won’t be a three-ring circus. First is an event entitled “Connecticut’s Fiscal Challenges, Decades in the Making: A Look Back, A Look Forward.” It will be presented by the League of Women Voters of Weston this Saturday at the Weston Public Library beginning at 10:30 a.m. The league will be recording the program for subsequent replay online. The next two events take place in the Town Hall meeting room. Those to whom the aforementioned fiscal challenges are of interest may especially want to make … Read more

About Town: Fiscal cliff

Are we as a state on a fiscal cliff? This question will be addressed at an event soon to be presented by the League of Women Voters of Weston. It will take place on Saturday, Sept. 29, from 10:30 a.m. to noon at the Weston Public Library. Keith Phaneuf, a distinguished reporter for the CT Mirror, will be the featured speaker. Mr. Phaneuf’s specialty is state government finances. He is the author of a comprehensive series of articles called A Legacy of Debt: Connecticut Standing on its own Fiscal Cliff.   Interested citizens from Easton, Redding, and other area towns, … Read more

About Town: Noise

Sound and fury signifying … noise? Of the five senses — sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch — how many relate to planning and zoning? Probably all of them in some manner, although some more directly than others. But one that a P&Z Commission can significantly affect through its zoning powers is our hearing of noise that may result from construction. Other noise that at times may permeate through our neighborhoods falls under the purview of town ordinances. I would expect, also, that during its Town Plan revision or re-envisioning process that is getting underway it would not be too … Read more

About Town: Candid canines

A celebration of man’s best friend is front and center this Saturday. Thanks to the Kiwanis Club of Weston, on Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., your dog can stop by and observe or participate in competitions, demonstrations, and seminars. And in the process perhaps learn some useful new techniques. Or even get free medical advice. The Weston Middle School field will be the location of the “Dog Jamboree.” Admission cost is modest, and the event will benefit charitable causes. The K9 unit of the Westport Police Department will perform. That’s perhaps reason number one to attend. Dogs … Read more

About Town: Plan for the future

How do I love Weston? In any number of ways, most of which relate to our town having remained true to a plan. Why am I grateful to Weston? For one thing, it has taught me about what makes a community. I hadn’t really known much about Weston when I moved here in 1980. It was very understated then, in desirable ways, as it is now. “2020 Vision” is what I call my online proposal for the essence of a Town Plan update. I’ve chosen to create it given that our Planning and Zoning Commission is in the early stages … Read more

About Town: Weston views

What is the most iconic view in Weston? Other than that of the trees and other plantings on your own property, of course. I’d have to say it is the Saugatuck Reservoir. Mark down Saturday, Sept. 1, for a morning excursion along its shore, right here in Weston. Thanks to our Parks & Recreation Commission, on that day you’ll be able to leave your car at Morehouse Farm Park, and take out your bicycles, skates, or skateboards. Or put on your walking or running shoes. Then you can make your way to the road crossing at Newtown Turnpike, and cross … Read more

About Town: Police have busy summer

Here it is August, and just about nothing, nada, seems to be happening on the government front. As a matter of fact, last week it was perhaps more likely to run into a Westonite on the Champs-Élysées in Paris than at a meeting of an elected board or commission. Although there was at least one very notable exception. The Board of Police Commissioners was hard at work with a full agenda. I rarely attend Police Commission meetings. Not because I don’t care about public safety, of course, but mainly because I trust that this commission in particular will make a … Read more

About Town: Planning Weston’s town plan

“2020” is a catchy number. What does it mean to you? “Eyesight” may be what immediately comes to mind for those of us who wear or are in need of corrective lenses. Others may think of the U.S. Census count that occurs periodically, while some might even think of the forthcoming 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. But what mainly comes to my mind is that it will be time for Weston’s next Town Plan of Conservation and Development. Since development of that plan necessarily takes considerable time, here in 2018 we are already getting started. Who … Read more

About Town: State fiscal problems

It’s oxymoron time in Hartford once again. Or perhaps not, hopefully. “Pension sustainability” is the focus of the latest entity created by the Connecticut General Assembly. The earlier “Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth Commission” laid out the state’s financial problems and suggested solutions. It was such a great plan that no one liked it. Depending on one’s gastronomic preferences, some might have likened it to having to eat your vegetables. The membership of that commission came mainly from academe and business, plus a former co-chairman of the Spending Cap Commission. But now we have a commission appointed to focus on … Read more

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