Letter: Join students in March for Our Lives

To the Editor: After the Parkland shooting, as has been the case with countless other school shootings, the conversation about gun safety has once again been reignited. Footage from inside the school and eyewitness accounts have terrified us to the point that we can no longer continue abiding the status quo. Since the tragic events that took place in nearby Sandy Hook, nothing has changed. Mass shootings, especially those in schools, continue to occur at an alarming rate. The conversation erupts every time a large number of people are killed, but no action is taken, often due to the staunch … Read more

Letter: Easton Public Library thanks Mini-Golf sponsors

To the Editor: We’d like to thank all the individuals and local businesses who sponsored holes, donated silent auction items, and donated food and beverages for our “Links for Literature” Mini-Golf Fundraiser. Thank you, Alison Sternberg/Halstead Property, Aspetuck Valley Country Club, Bear and Grill, Caraluzzi’s, CARMA for Life, Celebrate Connecticut, the Connecticut Golf Club, Easton Village Store, Friends of the Easton Public Library, Il Palio Ristorante, Jensen Tire, Auto & Marine, Kindred Spirits, Koritko Insurance Group Inc., M.J. Home Solutions, Monroe Town and Country Veterinary Hospital, Oakwood Landscaping & Construction, Old Towne Restaurant, Primo Pizza, Silver/Petrucelli & Associates, Silverman’s Farm, … Read more

Letter: Weston Board of Education FOI complaint is frivolous

To the Editor: Imagine my non surprise when I read of Bob Ferguson’s frivolous FOI complaint against the Board of Education in which he objects to the public disclosure of his letter addressed to the Superintendent of Schools. Much like his frivolous election complaint against Gayle Weinstein in the 2015 election this shows either malicious intent or an astonishing lack of awareness of the rule of law given his roles as the chair of the Weston Republican Town Committee, an elected member of the Board of Finance, and a paid Advancement Officer for the NRA. Wasting the time of public … Read more

Letter: Dog park will be a true asset for Weston

To the Editor: I have lived in Weston for more than 14 years. While we enjoy the quietness and the two-acre zoning, it can be especially isolating for newcomers, empty nesters and seniors alike. It can be difficult to meet new people here. Any town amenity that can bring people together, across the generations, is a true asset. A fenced-in park where dogs can freely run off leash, while owners socialize, fits the bill perfectly. The 36-acre town-owned property that can host this 3.5-acre park was purchased for $2.3 million back in 2002 on a 20-year bond. That means we … Read more

Letter: Questions to ask before dog park vote

To the Editor: Where is the proposed dog park to be located? Answer: The Moore Forest, 10 minutes from Weston Center in the northeast corner of Weston. What will be there? Answer: 3.5 acres enclosed by a five-foot chain-link fence, benches, garbage pails, up to 44 parking spaces, new road with a turnaround, possibly running electrical and phone lines for future use. What use? How much will it cost? Answer: “Preliminary” initial cost is $240,688, plus ongoing costs. Costs are forever changing and increasing it seems. Weston Dog Park Inc. is going to pay for it, right? Answer: They will … Read more

Letter: Redding residents should find tax solutions together  

To the Editor: On Feb. 12, I attended the town meeting where Wolf Boehme presented his petition offering three alternative possible staffing choices for the Redding Police Department in an effort to reduce anticipated tax increases to the taxpayer. The meeting was packed with police, firefighters, EMTs, and a small group of residents, all who rightfully praised the work of our Redding police force. The majority of those who spoke denounced Mr. Boehme’s suggestions. Unfortunately, none of these people offered an alternative suggestion for consideration to alleviate the taxpayer’s burden. They came prepared to criticize rather than to be a … Read more

Letter: Banning fracking waste is no joke

To the Editor: In response to the letter from Robert Machson that pokes fun at the proposed Fracking Waste Ban Ordinance in Weston, I’d like readers to know that this ordinance is no joke and could not only protect our potable well water but could also prevent future town financial liability from polluted runoff into the Norwalk River. I want to thank First Selectman Spaulding for considering adopting an ordinance banning fracking waste from Weston. In an article from Feb. 5, “Weston selectmen vote to send fracking waste ban to counsel,” the first selectman is right to be concerned about … Read more

Letter: Support a fracking waste ban in Weston

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the article “Weston selectmen vote to send fracking waste ban to counsel” from Feb. 5, to clarify a few points raised by Selectman Stephan Grozinger. The selectman is correct that Connecticut has a temporary moratorium on some types of fracking waste; however, as part of that same law, the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) must submit draft regulations by July 1 for importing this waste. Future regulations = future permits. The local ordinances that 36 Connecticut towns have passed so far protect towns permanently from a comprehensive list of … Read more

Letter: Vote yes for the Weston dog park

To the Editor: I am strongly in favor of creating a dog park in Weston and siting it at the town-owned Moore property as proposed. I encourage all residents to vote yes on the referendum on March 10 or use an absentee ballot. The Moore property was purchased for exactly this type of town owned/sponsored facility. Weston offers relatively few community facilities and this will add one more at very little expense. The use will be minimally invasive to both the 36-acre property and the surrounding neighborhood. The remaining 32 acres will function like open space. The investment in this … Read more

Letter: Ban on fracking waste will protect taxpayers

To the Editor: I am writing in response to the Feb. 5 article, “Weston selectmen vote to send fracking waste ban to counsel.” Selectman Stephen Grozinger suggested there “may be harm” in putting prohibitions in place against fracking waste from other states because it would cost money to have Weston’s town counsel review and consider the ordinance. However, this small investment would begin the process of protecting town taxpayers permanently from any future costs associated with remediation and/or restitution costs. All we have to do is look at our neighbor Greenwich, which had to close its high school athletic fields … Read more

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