A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best 3D Visualization Type for Your Marine Project

Along with other industries, shipbuilding has been disrupted by cutting-edge technology to facilitate workflows and achieve better results. Businesses leverage 3D visualization to streamline digital design reviews, get feedback early, potentially saving a lot of money.

In addition, quality 3D models such as VisEngine yacht rendering and boat visualization mean excellent marketing materials which you can use to promote your project even before it is launched.

In this article, we'll explore the benefits of 3D visualization for your marine project and walk you through the entire process of choosing the type of 3D visualization that can best meet your business needs and requirements.

Benefits of 3D visualization for the marine industry

  • it allows for visualization of projects before construction
  • quality 3D visualizations help to highlight important features of the vessel
  • engaging 3D presentations assist in creating an emotional connection with potential clients
  • 3D visualization makes excellent marketing material
  • it ensures a thorough project understanding
  • 3D visualizations streamline communication between the parties involved in the sales process
  • it helps save considerable costs and time
  • 3D visualizations help to ensure flawlessness in structure and design

Aspects to take into account when choosing the best 3D visualization type

Choosing the right visualization type is the critical step in creating the 3D design of your vessel. With the wide variety of 3D visualization types, it might be hard to decide which one best fits your project. Here are some aspects to consider before making this decision.

The purpose of visualization

  • adding it on the website
  • printing it on paper
  • using it as presentational material for a tender
  • using the 3D model as a preview of the future project

The needs of your target audience

If you intend to use your 3D visualization only for marketing and your primary goal is to spark the interest of your audience, it's a good idea to entrust the 3D artists with creating attractive, artistic-looking images. However, if you need a 3D visualization that can show the features of your vessel in detail, studio shots, animation, or interactive models are the most reasonable solution.

How much time you have

Keep in mind that creating some types of 3D visualizations takes more time than others. Animations and walkthroughs are more time-consuming than still images. 3D visualizations are not something you can wait with until the last minute. If your boat or yacht has a complicated design, 3D artists might need more time to represent all the details.

8 most popular 3D visualization types for the yacht and marine industry

1. Studio shots

Studio shots are the most basic type of 3D visualization. Creating a studio shot means rendering your project without any background objects. This type of visualization is the best choice if you need it to check the design with your customer and the team of engineers. Also, you can ask your 3D artists to provide you with a .png file, which will later allow you to paste the image into your business presentation layout and use it during sales meetings.

2. Environment visualization

Environment visualization means representing your ship in a real-life setting, for instance, operating on high seas or laying at anchor at the mouth of a beautiful harbor. The most significant benefit this type of visualization offers is that it creates a massive impact on the viewer's imagination, which makes environment visualization excellent marketing material. It's great to promote your projects on the Internet or in printed media such as trade magazines.

3. 360-degree interactive models

Due to its visually attractive look, a 360-degree model is a superb tool you can use in discussing the project with your client. An interactive model allows users to zoom in on any details and rotate the image across one or several axes providing 360-degree access to the design. Without any doubt, it provides the viewers with more rewarding experiences than still images.

4. Interior visualization

It goes without saying that when you promote projects such as yachts or cruisers, it's imperative to highlight their interior. The best way to represent the interiors of your vessel is to reach out to a 3D studio and ask them to produce photorealistic 3D renders of the living spaces. High-grade interior visualizations can significantly improve your sales presentations as well as promotional materials.

Interior visualizations can be helpful for commercial ships, too, as you can use them to showcase operation spaces.

5. Panoramic views

In essence, interior panoramas are a more interactive version of interior visualizations. This type of visualization enables the viewer "to walk" into virtual reality and experience a realistic sense of the interior. A quick tip: it's a great idea to use panoramas to show exterior decks too.

3D walkthroughs

Unlike all the visualization types mentioned above, 3D walkthroughs create different, exceptional experiences for the viewer. They enable you to walk around the vessel, like in a video game.

7. 3D animations

3D videos allow you to present your vessel in detail, in photoreal quality and motion, enabling viewers to gain a complete understanding of its design and functionality. It's a no-brainer that a high-quality video is more likely to grab the viewers' attention, which makes it a powerful promotional tool. In your animation, you can showcase the exterior and interior of your vessel and your workflow. 3D animation is your best choice if you want to stand out from your competition.

8. A good old alternative to 3D visualization: profile view

Let's say you can't afford to have 3D visualization created right now, or your project presentation doesn't demand it. No worries, because among the advanced 3D options, you always have a choice to turn to the basic 2D profile views.

The bottom line

If you manage to choose the right type of 3D visualization for your marine project, you'll make a worthy investment as the benefits of 3D visualization are impressive. Take into account your goals, audience, and the amount of time you have in order to create unique material for your business growth.

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