Walsh’s Wonderings — The invisible stink

They live among us, perfectly decent people in almost every respect. You’ve probably known them for years. They give to charity and pay their taxes. Some even return their library books before they’re due out of consideration to others who want to read them. They just won’t acknowledge your greeting when you pass them in the hall. The refusal to acknowledge greetings should not be confused with those suffering from “resting brat face,” that dreaded malady that makes it appear that those who suffer from it just sucked on a lemon. No, RBF is an involuntary condition, while those who … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — The beauty of sport

The U.S. Women’s National Basketball team came through Bridgeport last Saturday night, allowing our region the opportunity to see some of the best athletes in the world as they prepared for next week’s FIBA Women’s Basketball World Cup in Tenerife, Spain. However, those lucky enough to catch the squads from Canada and Japan the night before were treated to everything that is good about sports. The outcome was never really in doubt; the Canadian team is led by several WNBA stars including UConn’s own Kia Nurse, the engine of four Final Four teams. The Japanese team looks like high schoolers … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Uncle Robby’s rules for college

A few thoughts for college-bound students packing up the cars and hoping their roommates have a decent TV: Be fearless. Whether asking for waivers for closed classes, talking to that cute student at lunch or applying for internships, jump in and do it. Many people let fear stop them before asking for what they really want. We can’t expect roses if we don’t plant seeds.   Be social. Meet people. Almost as important as what you learn is the people you learn it with. The strange kid that lives in the library might be running your retirement fund in 30 … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Hotel mysteries

I spent a few days in Chicago last week, indulging in another round of “This City’s Baseball Team is Also Better Than the Mets.” As much as I enjoyed the trip, I couldn’t help dredging up my old complaints about my lodging options. Hotels these days are like transaction fees; the more you see them, the less sense they make. Sometimes, for instance, hotels occasionally show a ridiculous amount of faith in us. They provide us free Bibles, after all. They replace those travel-size shampoos, soaps and conditioners so quickly I have to allocate a few extra pounds in my … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Post-4th fireworks

No sooner have I settled in for another night of The Bachelor on TV when suddenly my dog, fear in her eyes and shaking uncontrollably, jumps on my chest and plants her butt on my chin. If it’s July or August, it must be some clown in my neighborhood shooting off fireworks again. I loved fireworks as a kid. My dad would take us out to Long Island Sound and watch the town fireworks display as the boaters honked at the really good ones. It’s fun to see a child’s face light up when the finale goes longer than expected. … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — The importance of the Fourth of July

Today we celebrate the courage our forefathers showed 242 years ago in throwing off the chains of oppression in the interest of a new, more representative government. They created the Declaration of Independence with the idea it would precede a living document–our Constitution — that would inoculate the country from the whims of its leaders. (For instance, Ben Franklin suggesting the turkey rather than bald eagle as our national bird.) It was truly brave and unprecedented to place so much power in the hands of commoners. (White, male commoners, anyway.) An honest commemoration of the Fourth of July should therefore … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — A questionable evolution

I’m always surprised when I see people answer their phone without looking at caller ID. It’s an act of so full of tolerance and trust that I have to force myself not to look for a halo. It wasn’t always that way, of course. Growing up, a phone call was an occasion. My siblings and I would bolt for the phone as soon as it rang; we never knew it was capable of ringing more than once. If the call wasn’t for us, we’d yell at each other to “make it quick” so someone else’s call could get through. We … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Spam feels good!

Most people make the mistake of avoiding their email spam folder. I view it as a quick pick-me-up on those days when it seems the world’s against me. It’s a lot like the “Little House on the Prairie” in that nothing bad ever happens there. (Unless you’re a deposed Nigerian ruler who’s been unfairly kicked out of his country and forced to live on the kindness of American strangers.) Just browsing through the subject lines of each message makes me feel special: “I’ve been looking for you all my life,” or “To my dearest friend I haven’t met,” or “You’ve … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Irish Goodbyes

Party guests are like the Catch of the Day; if they hang around too long, they stink. Perhaps that’s why I’ve always been a fan of the “Irish Goodbye,” the act of leaving a social situation without any notice. It’s the real world’s Control-Alt-Delete button combo, a mercifully quick ending that skips formality in the interest of practicality. I come from a very large Irish family where leaving family functions involves a series of farewell gestures that can take longer than the Irish War of Independence. Someone inevitably saves that particularly juicy story for the moment our wives are shaking … Read more

Walsh’s Wonderings — Windshield wiper personality test

Everything you need to know about someone you can learn while watching them drive in the rain. More specifically, how they use their windshield wipers. Some people turn on their wipers as if they’re paying by the minute. They’re perfectly content to allow water to transform the windshield into stained glass before they permit the first pass of the wipers. Passengers double-check their seat belts and ponder living wills as the car plunges forward as if driving through a lake. For these drivers, “visibility” is a relative term. Others treat raindrops as rabbits they can’t allow to breed. At the … Read more

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