Letter: Will not be renewing newspaper subscription

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: As a longtime resident of Redding, I subscribe to the Redding Pilot to attain local news. I’m interested in local politics, happenings at our children’s schools, local sports, etc. While I have a fond respect for our neighboring towns, I am not interested in their local happenings. I don’t care that Easton is accepting a new road, just like I’m sure that families in Easton and Weston do not care that Redding is preparing for Long Ridge rail realignment or that a Redding family marched in the women’s march. I think the consolidation of the three papers … Read more

Letter: Would like refund for newspaper subscription

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Since your latest consolidation seems to result in a tri-town newspaper instead of the original Redding Pilot, it appears only fair that the subscription price should be reduced to one-third of the $45 I paid last month. Preferably, the $30 can be refunded and not applied to next year’s doubtful renewal. Terry Sinclair Hopewell Woods Road, Redding

Letter: It was a miscue to combine three newspapers

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: Everyone is aware of the financial challenges faced by the print media. Personally, I am especially sympathetic to The Redding Pilot, which has informed and entertained our community so capably over the years. Consolidating news of Redding with news of Easton and Weston, however, cannot possibly be the answer. The result is a publication that no one seems to want. It would be a bitter pill to swallow, but even a completely online publication featuring only Redding news would be better than a newspaper serving three towns. I fear that, unless The Redding Pilot moves quickly to … Read more

Letter: Mark Twain Library celebrates re-opening on Monday

Letters to the Editor

To the Editor: The heat is on!  On Monday, Jan. 15, we will celebrate with some warm treats. Please join us for hot beverages and yummy goodies as we reopen the Mark Twain Library. The library will remain open until 8 pm Monday through Thursday for students who want to study here. As we have chronicled before, on Jan. 2, the year 2018 started with a bang that was our boiler exploding. In the past 10 days a lot has happened. But the best news is that our new furnace is now up and running and heat is returning to … Read more

Letter: Redding first selectman didn’t follow procedures for teen center proposal

To the Editor: I wanted to take a moment to address the article published on Thursday, Dec. 28, titled, “Redding residents make proposal for teen center.” During my time in town, I had the honor of serving on two boards and commissions: the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Teen Center Sub-Committee of the Board of Selectmen. I have been a steadfast advocate for youth in town as one of the youngest members of this town’s government. The Teen Center Sub-Committee hasn’t met in over a year, yet somehow these residents managed to get on the Board of Selectmen agenda … Read more

Letter: Redding residents support fracking waste ban ordinance

To the Editor: One of the things we love most about Redding is its natural beauty, and we hope Redding will be as beautiful in the future as it is now. The fracking waste ban ordinance that is being considered and voted on at the special town meeting on Monday, Jan. 8, is an important step in making sure it is. This fall, our FIRST Lego League robotics team, the Polymechs, did research into fracking and how it can potentially contaminate drinking water. We were surprised to learn that Connecticut has not banned fracking waste statewide, like Vermont has. But … Read more

Letter: Resident suggests ways to improve efficiency

To the Editor: This Friday, our Board of Selectmen will be holding a budget workshop where each town department will present to the board. I suggest the board ask the following questions of the department heads: What metrics do you use to measure your department’s efficacy? How does your department compare on these measures against other similarly situated municipalities? What innovations are you applying in your department to reduce costs? What innovations are similar departments in other municipalities putting in place that Redding should consider? What changes in policies or procedures can Redding’s elected officials make to reduce costs? Wolf … Read more

Letter: Social Services director thanks community

To the Editor: I would like to thank the community at large for coming together with the true spirit of giving during this holiday season. Families with children and seniors were touched by the heartfelt kindness and generosity of those who gave.   I would like to thank Redding Elementary School’s Frosty Drive, Christ Church Parish Episcopal’s Dove program, First Church of Christ, Congregational’s Dove program, and St. Patrick Church’s Giving Tree.    Also, I would like to thank the Brunissen Trust and Meadow Ridge for their kind generosity toward the seniors in the community.  I would like to thank … Read more

Letter: Legal studies professor concerned about chief’s reputation

To the Editor: In May of 1987, Raymond Donovan, ex-President [Ronald] Reagan’s secretary of labor, was acquitted of fraud charges after a grueling eight-month trial. I’ll never forget his post-trial statement to the press: “Where do I go to get my reputation back?” I think about that comment as I think about the situation Chief Doug Fuchs finds himself in these days. I spent 25 years in Redding government — as a selectman, member of the Board of Finance, Planning Commission, and Parks and Recreation. I cannot recall either in my Redding role or my career as a lawyer and … Read more

Letter: Redding resident shows support for police chief

To the Editor: So much has been written but more innuendo has been going around about Chief Fuchs that it is often hard to decipher what is real. I have heard that the tapes are very different from the rumors and I am sure the truth will eventually come out.   My only purpose in writing this letter is to show support for Doug Fuchs, which may be an unpopular stance. During my tenure as Redding Garden Club president, Chief Fuchs [was] beyond helpful in ensuring the garden tour went off without incident, including spending the time with me to … Read more

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