Comments from Christopher Parkin: Board of Education candidate

For better or worse, we live in a two-party nation. That’s true in Redding, Hartford, and Washington. Locally, we choose municipal leaders every two years in a process dominated by the major parties. Thirty percent of Redding voters are Republican and another thirty percent are Democrats. The 40% of voters who are unaffiliated have no say in municipal nominees, and are effectively compelled to accept the choices made by the major party establishment. Those choices are primarily made in closed door committee meetings and agreements that result in the number of candidates equaling the number of openings. Frequently, the result … Read more

Two opposing candidates reflect on operation of Board of Finance

A Better Way We are the nominees to fill an unexpired four-year term on the Board of Finance (BOF). Ed is the Democratic nominee, while Lew is the Republican nominee. Both of us spent over a decade on the Board of Education (BOE). During a good portion of that time, Redding experienced an increase in home prices while our schools’ performance was exemplary. Sadly, this is no longer the case. Though running against one another, we are united in our dismay at the manner in which the BOF considers and approves budgets, and we believe there is A Better Way. … Read more

LETTER: Williams offers fresh perspective and is well qualified to serve

To the Editor: What is keeping Maureen Williams from gaining a seat on the Region 9 Board of Education? It’s the voters of Easton, who have been voting for the same candidate over and over again.  Consider Williams, who will bring a much needed fresh perspective.  She has been a practicing attorney for over 25 years. She and her husband have seen their three children graduate from Joel Barlow High School so she’s “been there” and understands the Barlow population.  Williams is more than qualified and will have my vote! Amy McKeon Old Orchard Road  

Resident supports Miller, Barickman and Parkin

To the Editor: Ed Miller and Jamie Barickman are the right choices for the Board of Finance on Nov. 7. The Board of Finance desperately needs new leadership to restore civility to our town government and a new vision to guide Redding through the fiscal challenges that lie ahead. An understanding of finance is important, but not all finance backgrounds are equal. Ed and Jamie have extensive experience in fiscal management of large organizations, which fits perfectly with what Redding needs now. Ed and Jamie will also be responsive to the concerns of Redding’s citizens. A vote for Ed and … Read more

Resident recommends Barickman, Dean and Miller for Board of Finance

To the Editor: Under its present leadership, the Board of Finance has created a divisive relationship with the Board of Education and with many Redding residents who feel decidedly unwelcome at their meetings. It’s time for a change. We need leaders on the BOF who will work with our other boards, who will welcome residents into the process, who will restore trust in our system, who will preserve what we love about Redding and plan for our future.   Please vote for a better Redding, please vote for candidates with the experience we need, please vote for Jamie Barickman, Rob … Read more

Resident supports Graziano and Denny for Region 9 Board of Ed

To the Editor: Cheryl Graziano and Gwen Denny have the experience and vision to best serve our town on the board of Region 9. Years working in finance, service on the Board of Education, and an understanding that quality schools are a keystone of our community will make them excellent representatives of our town’s interests as a whole. Having children at JBHS is not a requirement of service, but it is certainly a benefit, and they would be the only Redding representatives with that important perspective gained from checking in with their children every day. Please vote for Cheryl Graziano … Read more

Vote for Mark Lewis for Board of Finance

To the Editor: Please write in Mark Lewis on Nov. 7. Fill in bubble 8E and then write in Mark Lewis. It’s the position for four years on the Board of Finance, which he was asked to fill when Peg O’Donnell became a selectman. Mark has served us so well for many years on the Region 9 BOE and recently on the Board of Finance. He understands the responsibilities to all in Redding and what is required by state statute. We all need Mark Lewis. Susan and Stuart Green Umpawaug Road To The Editor: Mark Lewis has brought to the … Read more

Vote for Heather Whaley for Board of Education

To the Editor: Heather Whaley is highly qualified to sit on the Redding Board of Education. Both of her children attend our schools and she has been serving on the board since being appointed to a vacant position in February 2017. I wholeheartedly support her seeking election to a full term. I have gotten to know Heather well since she and her family moved to Redding five years ago and I know she feels strongly about serving the community she lives in. She has previously served as an alternate on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Heather has had a long … Read more

Vote for Ed Miller for Board of Finance

To the Editor: Ed Miller, winner of the Democratic caucus and primary, has the experience and temperament we need on the Board of Finance. A financial controller at Goldman Sachs, attorney at the Justice Department, and compliance officer responsible for multimillion-dollar budgets, Ed served Redding for 10 years on the Board of Education. Ed is a champion of fiscal responsibility: this year’s BOE budget was less than it was six years ago, and adjusted for inflation less than it was 10 years ago. Ed listens, collaborates, and he will restore trust to a broken system. Visit Please vote for … Read more

Vote for Cheryl Graziano for Region 9 Board of Education

To the Editor: Vote for Cheryl Graziano for Region 9 Board of Ed. Having known Cheryl for a while, I am enthusiastic about her running for office in Redding. Her volunteerism has shown how much she values this community and makes me confident that she will work hard for Region 9. Cheryl’s daughters all attend Redding schools. She has a strong desire to make sure the schools continue to offer a well-rounded curriculum that will serve Redding’s children well long after they have grown. I know Cheryl to have a level head and an open mind. Her financial background will … Read more

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