Vote for Cheryl Graziano for Region 9 Board of Education

To the Editor: Vote for Cheryl Graziano for Region 9 Board of Ed. Having known Cheryl for a while, I am enthusiastic about her running for office in Redding. Her volunteerism has shown how much she values this community and makes me confident that she will work hard for Region 9. Cheryl’s daughters all attend Redding schools. She has a strong desire to make sure the schools continue to offer a well-rounded curriculum that will serve Redding’s children well long after they have grown. I know Cheryl to have a level head and an open mind. Her financial background will … Read more

Resident supports Jenifer Wyss for Board of Finance

To the Editor: Jenifer Wyss is a certified public accountant with over 20 years of experience. As a former audit partner in public accounting and in her current role working for an organization that establishes financial accounting and reporting standards, Jenifer’s skills and qualifications are exactly what we need for the Board of Finance. Jenifer is hard-working, will study the financial issues facing Redding, and will make conscientious decisions. Furthermore, Jenifer’s demeanor is fitting for a Board of Finance member. That is, she is engaged, proactive, disciplined, curious, and has a positive attitude. Please join me in supporting Jenifer on … Read more

Residents support Rob Dean for Board of Finance

To the Editor: I have had the pleasure of working with Rob Dean as we served on the town of Redding Planning Commission for more than a decade. Rob is committed to the integrity of Redding. As a successful architect and entrepreneur he has generously shared his vision and energy for conservation and development that are consistent with Redding’s unique character and values. Please join me and vote for Rob Dean to serve on the Board of Finance where I know he will continue to lead Redding into the future. Nancy King Seventy Acre Road To the Editor: Redding deserves … Read more

Residents support Laura Hoeing for Board of Education

To the Editor: We encourage you to vote for Laura Hoeing to serve on the Board of Education on Nov. 7. She is a hard worker, committed to sustaining the high level of education our children receive, and has been active for years on several committees in town. She is aware of what is currently happening in our schools, as her five children attend all three schools in town. She has a deep understanding of the effects of our state budget crisis, and how this will affect our small community of Redding. She knows what our schools need most, and … Read more

Vote for Kevin Murray for Board of Education

To the Editor: On Tuesday, Nov. 7, please join us in voting for Kevin Murray for the Region 9 Board of Education. He is a strong advocate for educational excellence, a challenging curriculum, outstanding teachers, and sound fiscal oversight. Kevin’s professional expertise and experience in the health insurance industry will be a great asset to the board and to the taxpayers of Redding,  Please vote for Kevin Murray for Region 9 Board of Education. Beth and David Lewson Drummer Lane To the Editor: Kevin Murray’s background and experience in the insurance industry, as well as his responsibilities on several board … Read more

Resident supports Cheryl Graziano for Board of Education

To the Editor: Over the past few weeks, Redding voters have had the opportunity to evaluate perspectives of various Board of Education candidates. Cheryl Graziano stands out. She brings years of experience as a financial expert, serving various community programs and causes. Her pragmatic insights into the needs of the Redding community and her unique ability to bring people together to “think outside the box” while responding to key concerns in a non-partisan manner sets her apart from other candidates. Cheryl exemplifies honesty, fairness and thoughtfulness. [These are] qualities Redding needs to create a better balance between academics and extracurricular … Read more

Vote for Colleen Pilato for Board of Education

To the Editor: I support Colleen Pilato for the Redding Board of Education. I have had the pleasure of knowing Colleen for the past four years as a neighbor, colleague and friend. She is not only an active member of the town of Redding, she is an asset to the community. As a dedicated mother, Colleen volunteers at the Redding Elementary School, familiarizing herself with the school system, staff and students. She is trustworthy, reliable and cares for the well-being of all children. I can say with confidence that Colleen Pilato will be a responsible advocate for our schools and … Read more

Board of Ed chairman supports Denny, Barickman, Miller,  Dean

To the Editor: As chair of the Redding Board of Education, I’ve had the opportunity to serve with Gwen Denny for the past two years. Gwen has been dedicated to our schools and our community for over a decade. Her experience and knowledge have been an asset to the Redding Board and I am certain that if elected she will continue this work on the Region 9 Board. Please join me in casting a vote for Gwen for Region 9 on Nov. 7. One of the strongest factors related to maintaining or increasing property values is the strength of our … Read more

Late candidacy heats up Board of Finance election

The late-in-the-campaign announcement by Democrat Mark Lewis on Tuesday, Oct. 24, that he will be among the candidates for Redding Board of Finance Tuesday, Nov. 7, has led to a very strong reaction by his opponents — Republican Lew Goldberg and Democrat Ed Miller. Lewis filed paperwork on Friday, Oct. 20, to be authorized as a write-in candidate for the Board of Finance. Tuesday, Oct. 24, was the final day he could apply for the status. Goldberg and Miller said they both adamantly feel that Lewis — who has served on the Board of Finance since January — should not … Read more

Vote for Chris Parkin for Board of Education

To the Editor: I urge all readers to vote for and support Chris Parkin for Redding Board of Education. He is an ideal candidate for the post. Chris is personally invested in our schools with his three children all enrolled. Like many of us, great public education was a primary factor in his move here. He frequently attends and participates in education meetings as a parent and resident — now he seeks to contribute further as a board member. An Eagle Scout attorney with acumen, tenacity, zeal, and dedication — excellent traits for this role. Let’s elect Chris this Nov. … Read more

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