Weston Women’s League raises money for Warm-Up Fund

The Weston Women’s League’s annual Main Street Weston event was held on Friday, Nov. 17, and was deemed “a great success.”

The event showcased 32 local vendors and had more than 250 attendees, raising $8,000 for the Weston Warm-Up Fund.

Since 1981, the Weston Warm-Up Fund has provided oil, gas or electricity energy needed to heat homes of Weston residents in need, as well as providing critically needed repairs or replacement of heating equipment, and completing home improvements to increase energy efficiency.

There are currently 44 Weston households that are benefiting from the Weston Warm-Up Fund’s services, many with children under 12 and seniors over 78.

Dawn Egan, Warm-Up Fund president, said the league’s donation will help heat many of the assisted homes and was very appreciative of the league’s gift.

For more information on the WWL, visit westonwomensleague.org. For more information on the Weston Warm-Up Fund, visit westonwarmup.com.

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