Weston student selected for State Student Advisory Council on Education

David Tamburri
David Tamburri

David Tamburri, a senior at Weston High School and co-executive vice president of the student council, was selected to join the State Student Advisory Council on Education (SSACE).

The council was formed 20 years ago to give Connecticut students a voice in education planning and enable the state Board of Education, the commissioner of education, state department of education personnel, the governor, and state legislators to become familiar with high school students’ perspectives on key issues.

SSACE meets regularly with the education commissioner, and on occasion with the governor, to reflect student opinion on matters of concern to the state’s high schools. Members write position papers on important topics in education, conduct the statewide Challenge to Educational Citizenship Awards Program, and learn from others about leadership and responsibility.

Tamburri also serves on the Board of Education in Weston.

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