Weston EMS names captains

Weston EMS captains Chris Bradbury and Mark Goldenberg.
Weston EMS captains Chris Bradbury and Mark Goldenberg.

Weston Emergency Medical Service has been busy lately. It recently named captains and unveiled a brand-new website.

Mark Goldenberg, who has served as captain for three years, was re-elected to the role along with Chris Bradbury, a new captain for the department.

Goldenberg has been a Weston resident for 23 years and a member of EMS for 16 years.

He lives with his wife, Deby, and has two sons, Jacob and Nathan. Jacob, 25, is also a member of Weston EMS.

Goldenberg joined Weston EMS after Jacob was injured by slipping at swim practice. He was impressed with the professionalism of Weston EMS.

“I decided to join EMS after my son had an emergency. The care was so professional that I decided to join,” Goldenberg said. “Joining Weston EMS is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made.”

Bradbury has been a resident of Weston since 1996 with his wife, Laurie. He has spent more than 20 years in corporate IT, the last 10 at Pepperidge Farm in Norwalk.

He joined Weston EMS in 2013 and has held a number of positions, including crew chief, publicity manager and vehicle manager. His election to the captain position marks his first time in the role.

Bradbury said he is “still responsible for the care and maintenance of our two ambulances, as well as leading the committee selecting and purchasing a new ambulance.”  

Bradbury serves as vice president of the Southwest Region EMS Council, a group of all EMS services in Connecticut State Region 1, which encompasses “all of the towns from Greenwich to Bridgeport and north to Weston, Easton, Monroe, and Trumbull.”

The committee coordinates training, education, special services and operations, and other cross-town EMS advocacy issues.


Weston EMS recently re-launched its website, westonems.com.

The new website was designed by Gayle Clayton with assistance from a team of EMT volunteers.

It features a donation page for residents to donate to the volunteer EMS service. It also features a brief history of the department as well as a section on how the department operates and its training processes.

The website also includes a feature for prospective members that allows them to join the department over the Internet, in addition to a section on frequently asked questions for those considering joining the department.

The site includes facts about Weston EMS, a rundown of its equipment, and seasonal health and safety tips.

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