Take a tour of Easton’s farms on Saturday

Sport Hill Farm in Easton is one of the farms on tour this Saturday. — Aerin Reed photo
Sport Hill Farm in Easton is one of the farms on tour this Saturday. — Aerin Reed photo

What better way to spend a sunny Saturday than at a small town farm tour?

Easton’s annual Farm Tour will be Aug. 11 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Samuel Staples Elementary School, 515 Morehouse Road.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the tour, hosted by Citizens for Easton.

The purpose of the tour is to promote the town’s rural farm heritage.

According to Jane Paley, who is on the Board of Citizens for Easton, the tour started small.

“Locals gathered on the village green to collect a map of Easton’s farms to chart self-guided visits with farmers and to sample local tomatoes, corn and herbs,” she said.

Each year, the event has grown and a bigger than ever turnout is expected this year.

Participating farms in the tour include:

  • Aspetuck Valley Apple Barn
  • Gilbertie’s Herb Gardens
  • Golden Pond
  • Gold Rush Farm
  • J & L Orchids
  • The Rabbit Farm
  • Shaggy Coos Farm
  • Sherwood Farm
  • Silverman’s Farm
  • Sport Hill Farm

The tour also includes a stop at the Adams School House to showcase Easton’s wonderful history.

For the first time ever, the tour will feature live music by Easton’s student band, Melomania.

As part of the tour, members of the Easton Historical Society, Master Gardeners and the Easton Garden Club will be teaching children how to pot sunflower seeds, which they can take home and grow.

There will also be family games hosted by the Easton Community Center, including a corn-on-the-cob-eating contest.

Play ball, have a picnic, or taste some of the delicious fare from one of the food trucks.

The success of Easton’s farmers is dependent on people around the area knowing about the large variety of agricultural products the farms offer, “from little tiny herbs to great big heirloom tomatoes,” Paley said. “We are really a cornucopia of agricultural fair.”

The Farm Tour is the “essence of of our rural character and our agricultural heritage,” Paley said.“No one else does it in the way that we do it.”

She referred to Easton as a “magical place.”

“It’s the real kingdom, not Disney,” she said.

So if you haven’t come yet, try and make it to the 10th anniversary of this wonderful event.

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