Redding Police log

Lost or stolen license plates

On Tuesday, Dec. 26, at about 1 p.m., Robert Bridges of Black Rock Turnpike reported that license plates that he had taken off a vehicle and placed on the trunk to return to the motor vehicle department had been either lost or stolen. This is being investigated.

Lost property

A purse was found on Old Redding Road on Monday, Dec. 29, at about 5 p.m.

Peggy Kaufman of Old Redding Road found the purse on Old Redding Road. It belongs to Kimberly Delevie of Naugatuck. Delevie was contacted by Redding police officers and advised that it had been stolen from a parking lot in Danbury earlier in the day.

The Danbury Police Department said that multiple vehicles entered the parking lot on that day. There are no suspects at this time.

Youth gathering

On Sunday, Dec. 31, there was a report of a youth gathering at Great Oak Lane behind the Redding Nursery.

Officers checked the area and nothing was found.

Theft from a vehicle

On Friday, Dec. 29, Elizabeth Harris, 27, of Manhattan, N.Y., reported that she went to Topstone Park for a walk with some friends at 4:15 p.m. Upon returning to the vehicle — a 2010 Toyota sedan — at 5:15 p.m., she discovered that someone smashed out a window of the car, and went through her purse.

At the time of the report, it appeared that nothing was missing from the purse. However,  there were some missing pay stubs that were located in the center console. There are no suspects at this time. Police are asking that items not be left out in the open inside vehicles parked at the park. It is believed that the Danbury and Topstone Park incidents are related.  


  • Total calls: 113
  • Animal control investigation: 3
  • Assault: 0
  • Untimely death: 0
  • Assist EMT: 13
  • Assist fire: 3
  • Home and business alarms: 15
  • Missing person: 1 (police are investigating)
  • Motor vehicle accidents: 8
  • Suspicious person/vehicle: 4
  • Crisis intervention: 0
  • Well-being check: 

Traffic offenses:

  • Total traffic stops: 14
  • Tickets issued: 0
  • Written warnings: 7
  • Verbal warnings: 2
  • DWI arrests: 0

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