Redding man wins $1 million on Powerball ticket

A Redding man won a $1 million Powerball ticket recently, which he purchased at the Georgetown Shell in Wilton.

Charles Dudley claimed his prize on Oct. 3, according to the Connecticut Lottery.

He had purchased the winning ticket for the May 2 Powerball drawing.

For the employees at Georgetown Shell, it’s now a waiting game for their reward.

“The store will receive a $2,500 bonus from the Connecticut Lottery for selling the winning ticket,” said Chris Rossini, a Ridgefield resident who works as an attendant at the store.

The winning numbers were 5, 14, 31, 40, 50, and Powerball 6. Dudley’s ticket matched the first five numbers that were drawn, according to the Connecticut Lottery.

Rossini said himself and the two other attendants who work at Georgetown Shell all want to know which one of them sold Dudley the winning ticket.

“We have all been waiting pretty anxiously since May,” Rossini said. “We’re just curious, I think it opens up the possibility for a person to give a tip.”

Since Georgetown Shell opened in 1980s, Rossini said that to his knowledge, no one has ever won such a large amount. The highest amount he knows of is $30,000 in scratch tickets.

“This is definitely pretty big for the store,” Rossini said.

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