Police Log for Redding, Easton, Weston

Weekly Police Log for Redding, Easton, and Weston.


Identity thefts

On April 30, a Dayton Road resident reported that someone had stolen her Social Security number and opened a T-Mobile account. The total loss was $548.36. The matter is under investigation.

On May 1, a Redding Road resident reported that her father gave his debit card information to a woman who claimed she was from Publishers Clearing House. As of that time there was no financial loss, and the matter is under Investigation.


A Huckleberry Road resident reported on May 1 that someone attempted to access information from her mother’s checking account. No loss was reported at the time. The matter is under Investigation.

Lost, recovered item

A motorist found a set of keys on Route 53 and turned them in at the police department on May 4.


Disorderly conduct

On Tuesday, May 1, Richard McLaughlin, 59, or Norton Road, had a dispute with a neighbor over an incident that occurred in 2003, when the neighbor hired McLaughlin to cut down some trees.

McLaughlin believed the agreed-upon price was too low and wanted more money for doing the job. McLaughlin, still angry for not getting the additional money he felt he deserved, went to the neighbor and demanded to be paid. McLaughlin threatened his neighbor, saying, “One way or another, I’ll get my money.”

McLaughlin was given a misdemeanor summons for disorderly conduct with a court date of May 10.

Trespassing dispute

On Sunday, May 6, both Brian Alberino, 44, and Laurence Price, 71, of Sherwood Road were given misdemeanor summonses for disorderly conduct. Alberino believed Price was on his private property and demanded that Price and his dog leave. Price said the piece of land Alberino was referring to is an easement and therefore not Alberino’s private property and he was not trespassing. They were given a court date of May 17.


Assault investigation

Police are investigating an alleged assault on a Weston woman who was slapped by a man who followed her Uber driver to her home.

According to the police report, the incident began in the early morning hours, around 2 a.m., on Saturday, May 5. The Weston woman and her sister said they called for an Uber driver to pick them up at the Black Duck restaurant in Westport and take them to the woman’s home on Ravenwood Drive. When the women left the restaurant, they said, they saw a blond woman parked in front in a dark SUV and asked her if she was their Uber driver. The woman said yes, so they got into her vehicle.

The driver repeatedly asked for their destination, prompting the women to be suspicious that the woman wasn’t their Uber driver. Once they arrived to their destination, a silver sports car sped up and pulled down the driveway, blocking the Uber driver. A man got out of the sports car and started yelling at the driver. The women said it was clear to them that the two knew each other. When the women tried to intervene in the dispute, the man said to them, “Don’t you f’*ng get it? She isn’t an Uber driver.”

When one of the women tried to take a picture of the man and his license plate with her cell phone, she said, the man slapped her in the face with an open hand. The man then sped off in his car, followed by the Uber driver.

The man is described as about 5’10”, in his late 40s, with salt-and-pepper-colored hair. An investigation into the matter is ongoing.

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