May property transfers for Easton, Redding, Weston

The following is a list of property transfers for the month of May for Easton, Redding and Weston.


11 Deepwood Road: Aaron A. and Maria-Cristina Stanescu Flagg to Anne and Leopold Linval, $490,000.
27 Cedar Hill Road: Michael and Luciana Frenkel to Anthony Fanzo, $510,000.
200 Mile Common: David and Geraldine F. Luther to Philip and Laury Balatsos, $675,000.
8 Cedar Hill Road: Toby B. Knapp, Martha S. Leonard and Richmond L. Knapp Jr. to Patrick J. and Marina N. Peluso, $389,000.
23 Sport Hill Road: Heidi and Patrick Lynch to Stephen and Elina Aniston, $524,000.
26 Brookside Drive: Virginia C. Fortin to Domingos and Ana Mendes, $555,000.
260 Everett Road: Justin and Elizabeth S. Watras to Matthew J. and Phyllis Y. Ohnemus, $655,000.
1149 Sport Hill Road: William J. and Jessica L. Santaniello to David and Luza Roman, $635,000.
71 Deerfield Drive: Tibor and Elizabeth Herold to David Petric, $455,000.
54 The Circle: David and Nancy Cohen to Paul and Maureen Schenfeld, $755,000.
15 East Common Road: Janet W. Hyde and Frank Torcia to Christopher G. and Michele L. Galakoutis, $740,000.
42 Sturbridge: Richard R. Gurega to Jeffrey and Kathryn Benedetti, $685,000.
25 Lantern Hill Road: 25 Lantern Hill Partnership to Michael John Rady and Rachel Kemery, $535,000.
18 Magellan Lane: Magellan Properties LLC to Keith and Amanda Eleanor Malia, $699,000.
25 Stones Throw Road: Janet L. Montanaro Trustee and Charles A. Montanaro, Trustee to Roberto Angiolucci and Claudia Ciuti, $706,000.


7 Side Cut Road: Christopher and Julie McTague to Jean Leonard Irrevocable Insurance Trust and James Moore Jr. Trustee, $506,000.
163 Old Redding Road: John and Annunziatina Tuccinardi to Christopher and Julie McTague, $810,000.
37 Lamppost Drive: Kyle A. Odin to Aaron Robert and Nicole Kristin Bricker, $470,000.
5 Chalburn Road: Brian J. and Jeri R. Garcia to Ian G. and Brianna Carvalho, $920,000.
62 Giles Hill Road: Ronald E. and Rhonda R. Knapp to American International Relocation Solutions LLC, $1,373,000.
62 Giles Hill Road: American International Relocation Solutions LLC to Angelo and Danielle Todaro, $1,373,000.
17 Wayside Lane: Melanie D. Ough to Kendall Baker, $325,000.
5 Middlebrook Pond Road: Oddgeir and Stacy Eskeland to Jeffrey and Kristin Jasmann, $865,000.
20 Rob Rider Road: Melissa and Gregory Westgate to Peter Bontinck and Stephanie A. Dionne, $550,000.
70 Peaceable Street: Kim Evan Reinders to Joshua Roger and Emily Chatham Gray Kilbourn, $600,000.


5 Fanton Hill Road, Helge and Masooma Jacobsen to Adil and Tiffany Kassam, $1,250,000.
4 Oak Lane: Paul and Janet Vitrano to Richard and Nadia Arbolino, $619,500.
49 Fanton Hill Road: Andrea Kerin to Rose Russo Living Trust, $645,000.
32 Ravenwood Drive: Renard and Mary Francois to Clinton Rostov Montague,$510,000.
82 Ladder Hill (Lot 1, Map 2349): Douglas and Candace Debarger to Eric Shrago and Alisha Gerber, $870,000.
11 October Drive: Stanley Steinberg and Jenny Stewart to Justin and Barbara Mroz, $595,000.
139 Georgetown Road: Yvette Jarreau to Tyler Buckley and Michaela Wales, $423,000.
95 David Hill Road: Amy Fisher to Michael and Heather Mann, $1,225,000.
19 Walden Woods Lane: Est. of James Parke, c/o Robert Miller to Julia Sears and David Ambrose, $950,000.
10 Hemlock Ridge Road: MBMVEST LLC to Thomas Todoroff and Emily Moulton, $1,775,000.
4 Ridge Lane: Towne Building & Development LLC to Zachary Lemle, $1,620,000.
31 North Calvin Road: Patricia Ann Cardozo Est. c/o John P. Cardozo to Michael McGrath, $300,000.
5 Dillon Pass: AJX Mortgage Trust, c/o Gregory Funding to Gomartin3 LLC, $225,000.
48 Eleven O’Clock Road: US Bank NA Tr to Thomas Z. Gibeck, $504,000.

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