Letter: Update on status of proposed Weston Dog Park

To the Editor:

Here is an update on developments involving the proposed dog park at the Moore woodlands, an initiative that nearly 800 Westonites voted against in April.

The appeal of the Conservation Commission’s split decision to approve the dog park is now well into the legal process. The appeal presents a strong case based on facts. Those of us who favor alternative locations for a dog park other than the Moore property believe there is a strong chance for the approval to be overturned by an impartial court.

The CT State Election Enforcement Commission (SEEC) voted to authorize an investigation into the complaint that Weston Dog Park, Inc. (WDP), a non-profit organization, engaged in prohibited lobbying and electioneering activities. This is contrary to WDP Board’s April 2018 letter to The Forum that asserted the SEEC told WDP it had done nothing wrong, leaving the mistaken impression that the matter had been settled. In fact, SEEC’s investigation is open with an assigned completion deadline of March 2019, meaning the investigation could linger over the project as an open question for many months.

Regarding the WDP’s Board, a director has resigned. Like many of us who could support a dog park at a different location, she stated on a social media post that she left the board because, “I  do not support the location.” I applaud her decision to step away from the project.

The proposed dog park at Moore is an ill-conceived and expensive project that does not have overwhelming support. Even one-time supporters have come to that conclusion. It is destructive of trees, wildlife and the environment, poorly located and simply too expensive. There are likely to be other interesting disclosures in the coming months. Stay informed by visiting westonpriorities.org and sign up there for periodic email updates.

Bob Casson
Farrell Road, Weston

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