LETTER: State employee unions ‘continue to bleed us dry’

To the Editor:

Letters to the EditorIn your recent article First Selectman Adam Dunsby is quoted as saying that Joe Aresimowicz, Democrat speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives, “is an AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) member.” He’s not just an AFSCME member, Mr. Dunsby, he is a very highly paid employee of AFSCME.

It’s no wonder that “Union Joe” Aresimowicz and his Democrat colleagues recently gave our state employee unions an irresponsibly lucrative deal that lasts until 2027 and includes no layoffs for four years.

It is reprehensible that Aresimowicz was allowed to obtain the most powerful position in our House of Representatives (Speaker) when he has this massive conflict of interest.

As an AFSCME employee Aresimowicz should have been forced to recuse himself on all votes pertaining to state employee unions at the very least. It is no wonder that these unions continue to bleed us dry.

Grant Monsarrat

North Park Avenue

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