Letter: Selectmen were overreaching at Easton Town Meeting

To the Editor:

At the Sept. 24 petitioned Easton Town Meeting, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) and the moderator acted illegally to prevent citizens from voting by secret ballot on the ordinance presented. Additionally, they failed to check-in voters at the door and forced a “separate the room” vote count under chaotic conditions with no check for accuracy. You can view the full town meeting on my website at elect-anne.homesteadcloud.com. Enter and click the link to Strengthen Town Government.

The Town Meeting is the legislative body of Easton and the BOS is incrementally usurping the power of citizens in that body. At a Town Meeting, each selectman has the same status as any other citizen. Instead of behaving as such, the BOS acts to thwart the legal action of the Town Meeting. I filed a court case against the BOS regarding their illegal actions at the Annual Town Meeting in April. The judge denied their attempt to have the case dismissed and it is pending. A lawsuit regarding the Sept. 24 meeting is now in the works because there is no other legal recourse for the overreach of the BOS.

Please take note that some citizens received inaccurate and misleading information regarding the town meeting from the group “SSES Peeps.” In its communication, SSES Peeps characterized the petitioners as “a group of residents who would like to wrest control of town business” from the BOS and characterized the ordinance as calling “for a Town Meeting for all sorts of routine business.” Both assertions are false. Most notably, without any evidence they stated, “This will hurt the town financially.”

I have posted an explanation of the Sept. 24 meeting on my website.

Anne Manusky
Morning Glory Drive, Easton

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