Letter: Redding first selectman didn’t follow procedures for teen center proposal

To the Editor:

I wanted to take a moment to address the article published on Thursday, Dec. 28, titled, “Redding residents make proposal for teen center.”

During my time in town, I had the honor of serving on two boards and commissions: the Parks and Recreation Commission and the Teen Center Sub-Committee of the Board of Selectmen. I have been a steadfast advocate for youth in town as one of the youngest members of this town’s government.

The Teen Center Sub-Committee hasn’t met in over a year, yet somehow these residents managed to get on the Board of Selectmen agenda to present final recommendations. As a sub-committee member, I’m concerned that no notification was given about presenting recommendations to the Board of Selectmen and feel it is disconcerting that the first selectman did not follow the charges or timeline she presented to the subcommittee. The subcommittee was stacked with advocates of her party and they became the only voices heard. This partisan control of this subcommittee and failure to follow mandated procedures violated State Law, Sec. 1-225, and good governance principles.

I would recommend that the selectmen not accept any proposals or fund any of the requests from the two residents who acted independently of the subcommittee until they follow correct procedure and the state law.

John Board
Former resident of Redding

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