Letter: Boucher provides effective governance in Hartford

To the Editor:

In the April 26 edition of your paper, you ran an article on Republican Toni Boucher’s decision to seek re-election as a State Senator and an article on Democrat, Will Haskell’s decision to run for Toni’s current seat. While we’re unfamiliar with Mr. Haskell’s qualifications, we do know that Ms. Boucher has served the interests of our state exceptionally well in the years she’s been in office. Her effectiveness has been demonstrated in spades by the high percentage of bipartisan votes she’s received in all of her elections.

As Connecticut natives, we’ve seen many politicians and we’ve supported candidates from both sides of the aisle when their performances have merited it. In Toni, though, we have seen a consistent, selfless dedication to the interests of our state. While she would have made an exceptional Governor, we know that her senatorial leadership will continue to bring us all closer to the Connecticut we once knew and loved.

That brings us to a comment made by Mr. Haskell in his announcement. To quote The Pilot’s article, “Connecticut’s state government must rise to the challenge of protecting our community in the era of Donald Trump.” Not only do we view that as a cheap (and irrelevant) shot, but it ignores the reality that the leadership void Mr. Haskell believes Hartford needs to fill, is due solely to the nightmare that was created under his party’s two-term governor, Dannel Malloy.

Mr. Haskell is correct in his assessment that we need new and competent leadership in Hartford to rescue us from our nationally-recognized struggles. However, the solutions will not come from a leadership hell bent on pursuing its already-failed progressive ideologies, but rather from an effective governance led by fiscally-responsible leadership who truly seek the good of our people and not that of their party.

Thomas and Anita Field
Dry River Court, Redding

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