Foundation’s gift could restore some school activities

An angel has paid a visit to Redding Elementary School and John Read Middle School, and a grant of $60,000 will be divided equally between the PTAs of both schools.

The gift, which comes from an anonymous family foundation, could increase school activities, and possibly restore some activities lost to recent budget cuts, according to a recent press release.

The grant to the John Read Middle School PTA is designated to fund programming and activities.

“The grant in the amount of $30,000 is incredibly generous,”  said Debra Jones, John Read Middle School PTA co-president. “It will allow the PTA to have a significant impact and will help us restore some vital programs at JRMS.”

However, Jones said, “it is not a long-term solution to funding clubs and activities.”

Jones said the PTA looks forward to working closely with Superintendent of Schools Tom McMorran and John Read Middle School Principal Diane Martin “in order to apply the funds to best benefit the students in our school community, offering a comprehensive slate of activities.”

The grant to the Redding Elementary School PTA will be used to fund “innovative programs and grants at the school,” according to the press release.

According to Redding Elementary School PTA President Sarah O’Dell, the RES PTA will most likely email a survey in mid-August “to find out the priorities of our membership as part of the allocation process.”

Redding Board of Education Chairman Melinda Irwin said she would ideally like to restore programs targeting general education students and math intervention.

“I also think programs focused on music, art, and extracurricular activities are critically important,” Irwin said.


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