February property transfers for Easton, Redding and Weston

The following is a list of property transfers for the month of February for Easton, Redding and Weston.


15 Abbey Road: Robert H. Shaykin and E. Gabrielle Egger to David and Jennifer Blue, $1,000,000.

233 Judd Road: R. Erik Buck to Samantha and Irving Snow, $445,000.

70 Laurel Drive: M&T Bank to Dauti Construction LLC, $511,000.

5 Kent Road: Joseph J. III and Andrea Bonauito to Dmitry and Maryna Lavrichev, $619,000.

125 Far Horizons Drive: Virginia Bartelloni Estate to Robert Kalamaras, $480,000.

265 Westport Road: Peter Pisaretz Estate to High Grove Properties LLC, $240,000.

97 South Park Avenue: Mark Buzzeo to Shamsher and Rupali Lamba, $460,000.

910 Westport Road: Leighton S. and Mary M. Jordan to Annabelle Garrett, $895,000.

36 Northwood Drive: Antonio and Rosa Ribeiro to Andrew Dominic and Laura Jean Largier, $505,900.

65 Bayberry Lane: James P. Jr. and Shannon E. Lombardo to Patrick O’Connell and Kristen Kjaer Weis, $630,000.


308 Redding Road: U.S. National Bank Association Trustee to Mei Chen, $471,450.

208 Simpaug Tpk.: William M. and Linda S. Crofut to Luis E. Alarcon and Veronica C. Ponce, $475,000.

77 Pocahontas Road: Leslie M. and Elizabeth Woolf Laiken to Brian and Lauren McKie, $475,000.

3 Picketts Ridge Road: Christine Bass to Carolyn M. Tabacchini, $541,250.

12 Woodland Drive: Karin F. Stern to Maria G. and Junior R. Pena, $400,000.

42 Pine Mountain Road: Elizabeth Sabella to Christina M. Parrinello and Alexander B. Mir, $450,000.

109 Black Rock Tpk.: Rountos Family LLC to 109 Black Rock LLC, $1,670,000.

150 Lonetown Road: Gary and Deborah Lucidon Trustees to Louis Weinkle and Suzanne Meyers, $965,000.

210 Redding Road: Eddie L. and Beth Ann Williams to Brian T. and Briana S. Coffin, $615,000.


27 Kettle Creek Road: Elizabeth Maglione Estate to Roseann and Sergio Rizzo, $520,000.

220 Godfrey Road: Kenneth and Patricia Gosnell to Brian and Stacey Cohen, $975,000.

89 Norfield Road: Jamison and Deborah Gagnier to James and Tracey Mcardle, $970,000.

50 Catbrier Road: Brien and Elizabeth McDonald to James Giamarino and Genevieve Fabela, $795,000.

236 Godfrey Road East: Teresa Bria to Nicole Samartino and James Cohen, $493,000.

14 October Drive: Graciela Carley to John and Susan Tschirhart, $690,000.

6 Messex Lane: Lawrence and Fran Danter to Kyle and Kristen Devoe, $758,500.

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