Easton Firefighters rescue deer from frozen pond

The quick actions of an Easton resident and Easton Fire Department volunteers saved a deer’s life when the animal was rescued from a frozen pond.

Around 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 9, a resident of Silver Hill was walking her dog near a pond in her backyard and heard a commotion in the water, according to Steve Waugh, chief of the Easton Volunteer Fire Department.

The resident noticed a deer had broken through the ice in the center of the pond, and was trapped in the water, Waugh said.

The resident contacted the fire department, “and we came to get it out of the water,” said Waugh, who identified the deer as an adult doe.

“We had two of our firefighters wearing exposure suits go out on the ice. Myself and and five other firefighters were there to work the logistics,” he said.

Members of Easton Emergency Medical Services responded to the scene for backup in case there was a problem with the ice, according to Waugh.

“We waited until the deer was stable enough to make it on its own and then we shooed it off through the woods,” Waugh said.

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