August property transfers for Easton, Redding, Weston

The following is a list of property transfers for the month of August for Easton, Redding and Weston.


124 Sport Hill Road: Leonard W. Araza Jr. to Jon Paul Vontell, $300,000.
88 Beers Road: Thomas T. and Carrie Maisano to Joe and Lise Fleuette, $525,000.
35 Fairview Avenue: Nora R. Gluck to Minh and Lindsey Pham, $380,000.
5 Knapp Street: Peter Lawrence and Virginia Anne Joyce to William G. and Catherine M. Ferguson, $790,00
110 Delaware Road: Benjamin D. and Christine S. Anagnos to Christopher P. and Jolene M. Kelly, $320,000
21 Delaware Road: Mary M. Watson, Trustee to Mark and Moira E. Hollums, $606,000.
18 Palmer Place: Robert D. Labarbera to George and Deirdre Hennessey, $625,000.
43 Blanchard Road: Charles R. Braun Jr. to Kurt R. Stowell, $250,000.
30 Carriage Drive: Bridget Oppedisano to Kevin and Adrienne Rodrigue, $749,000.
126 Flat Rock Road: Carolyn Adams Short to Jason M. Mirwald, $735,000.
157 South Park Avenue: Christopher R. and Nicole R. Recor to David J. Lavigna, $889,000.
71 Tuckahoe Road: Larry S. Merriam and Sula Wohl to John R. and Diane Grant, $850,000.
65 Delaware Road: Jeffrey L.  and Ruth A. Straughn to Matthew S. and Rachel M. Monn, $608,065.
16 Sunny Ridge Road: Jason Mirwald to Brad W. and Kelly B. Skarupa, $475,000.
92 Gate Ridge Road: Stepan M. and Janet Gillis Halkowycz to Esther Elizabeth and Jonathan Michael Catandella, $665,000
61 Ridgeway Road: Lena M. Tenney to Thomas T. and Carrie L. Maisano, $320,000.
33 Wedgewood Drive: Maureen G. George Estate to David Gordon and Elizabeth Nelson Cliff, $605,000.
82 Beers Road: Ryan F. and Keelin Gerety Murphy to Jonathan Firgelewski, $300,000.
507 Judd Road: Sanford K. Cooper to RPL Real Estate LLC, $175,000.
124 Mile Common: John L. and Theresa A. D’Ausilio to Graeme Pirrie, $550,000.
269 North Street: George W. Smith to Ali M. Girardi and Randy C. Biagi, $825,000.
180 Beers Road: Paul and Roberta Pantelena to Jennifer J. Stites, $975,000.
50 Fieldstone Drive: Paul M. and Connie Seo to Vincent J. Jr. and Courtney G. Mase, $678,000.
44 High Ridge Road: Irma Muzsi Estate to Nasib Najjar, $448,000.


57 Deacon Abbott Road: Piush Kumar to Mark A. Grey, $395,000.
32 Lonetown Road: Karina Kohn to Joseph E. and Renee K. Fox, $490,000.
51 Long Ridge Road: Victor J. and Danette R. Illig to David and Leslie Brazda, $455,000
6 Smith Street: Gildo Consolini and Ellen Williams to Gregory M. Goldstein, $375,000.
1 Beeholm Road: Constance. C. Deans to Brian and Jennifer Ward, $600,000.
38 Goodridge Road: Savings Bank of Danbury to Bree Depalo, $499,000.
14 West Woodland Drive: Sheri Knox to James F. Barber II, $17,000.
52 Mountain Road: Pay Dirt LLC to Sean J. Keating, $125,000.
21 Stepney Road: Ragui Selwanes to Rodolfo L. Valencia and Munira Meghji, $120,000.
87 Sherman Turnpike: Andrew N. and Karen S. Roberts to Paul and Margaret Hibbert, $850,000.
60 Ledgewood Road: Peter T. Svihra to Georgi Kindov and Anh Pham, $530,000.
286 Black Rock Turnpike: Charles W. and Michelle E. Jackson to Matthew R. and Nicole A. Frack, $689,000.
48 Ledgewood Road: Jason Colyer and Lilit Smith to Ryan and Jennifer J. Panoli, $689,00.
26 Beeholm Road: Ann W. and Robert S. Walzer to John C. and Stephanie K. Durgee, $650,000.
155 Topstone Road: James Hartwell Frame Jr. and Kathleen Lee Corr to Edward T. Kennedy, $750,000.
133 Old Redding Road: Robert A. Goldman and Jennifer L. Good to Pamela V and Paul J. Criscuolo, $610,000.
11 Silversmith Lane: Kathleen K. Whalen to Annunziatina and John Tuccinardi, $375,000.
42 Ledgewood Road: Anna M. Lisciandra Trustee to Emily r. Corse and Benedict H. Collins, $675,000.
82 Old Stagecoach Road: John Antonello and Rebecca Pembrook to William P. and Inita T. Mix, $588,000.
12 Rob Rider Road: Rick L. Ackerman and Christina Rexon to Jinesh S. and Chandrika J. Patalia, $640,000.


18 High Meadow Road: Bernard & Joyce Zimmerman to William Hagaman and Ursula Bailery $575,000.
25 Ledgewood Drive: Michael and Lisa Foster to Mark and Barbara Fudale, $600,000
18 Joanne Lane: Jeremy and Julie Kaufman to Stepan and Janet Halkowycz, $979,000.
32 Tubbs Spring Drive: Susan Bolea to Jian Liu and Lin Wang, $535,000.
11 Cardinal Road: Stephanie and Corey Sobkowiak to Lance and Christine Pagliernani, $585,000.
99 Lyons Plain Road: Thomas and Maureen Kavanaugh to Gregory and Maureen Kaminsky, $881,000.
7 Banks Drive: M&N Builders LLC to John Bonanno, $1,817,500.
42 Greenlea Lane: Mark and Karen Demartine to Sidharth and Barittany Kerkar, $1,587,000.
10 Hyde Ridge: Robert Long and Diane Damianakis to Martin Mohabeer and Lealani Rodriguez, $889.000.
149 Georgetown Road: Rachel Golan to Rafael and Michelle Ottmann, $390,000.
149 Steep Hill Road: Maura Coates to Erin Simon, $658,000.
48 Wells Hill Road: Roger Schiffman and Patricia Donnelly to Emily Erikson and Joseph Ligman, $685,000.
17 Deepwood Road: Muriel E. Richard Estate to Mauricio Pani, $225,000.
26 Timbermill Lane: Darcy I. Lowell to Michael and Katherine Fitzmaurice, $1,270,000.
434 Newtown Turnpike: Meghan and Steve Manhan to Ashok P. and Mona Sharma, $745,000.
25 Fanton Hill Road: Andrew and Lauren Janian to Brian and Sarah Goodman, $850,000.
1 Stonecliff Road: Ira Novsam to Komal and Arun Dhiman, $700,000.
38 Weston Road: David M. Price to Christopher Gill and Jennifer Haskell, $2,550,000.
18-22 Grey Fox Lane: Net Zero Homes LLC to Tianjiano Chen and Lowell Baker, $270,000.
201 Good Hill Road: Christopher and Susannah Eykyn to Kenneh Shapiro Trustee, $1,375,000.
142 Weston Road: David and Eugenia Bryce to Lennart Egmond and Ingeborg Hoefkens, $450,000.
28 Old Rock Road: Elizabeth Titus to Ashish and Anne Khatana, $630,000.
117 Valley Forge Road: William and Jill Lovers to John and Aimee Drummey, $664,500.
24 North Calvin Road: Patricia Ann Carozo Estate to Guillermo Gallardo, $400,000.
49 Little Fox Lane: Mitchell and Lois Fink to Jeremy Stauber and Jessica Rodman, $593,000.
12 Roscrea Place: Phyllis Joan Sloan and Andrew M. Karpen, co-trustees to Jennifer Krug, $372,500.

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