Test Drive: Elantra Eco sacrifices performance for fuel economy

Not so very long ago, choosing a compact or subcompact Hyundai meant sacrificing comfort, performance and refinement — at least in comparison with cars of similar size and shape built by Ford, Chevrolet, Toyota, Nissan and Honda. The tradeoff was the Hyundai’s lower cost and longer warranty. Some car-shoppers undoubtedly took note of the fact a new Hyundai cost about the same, or even less, than a comparably equipped competitor’s model with a few thousand miles on its odometer. Having driven several Hyundai Elantra compact sedans in recent years, we’ve seen close-up how much they’ve improved. They’re just as smooth, … Read more

Obituary: Helen R. Baumbach, 93, of Redding

Helen Rita (Boehm) Baumbach, age 93, of Redding, CT, died on September 28 in her home surrounded by her family. She was the widow of Robert Reinhold Baumbach, who died on May 14, 2018. Helen and Robert had been married for over 70 years and lived in Redding, CT for over 55 years. She was born on March 12, 1925, in Racine, WI, daughter of the late Stella (Lucas) Boehm and Richard Alois Boehm. Helen is survived by, in her words, her “perfect” family: Her children Bill (Gail) Baumbach of Hopewell, NJ, Susan (Tom) Riley of Waterford, CT, Amy (Russ … Read more

Letter: Kavanaugh and the culture of silence

To the Editor: President Trump has questioned why Dr. Blasey Ford waited more than 30 years to come forward with her sexual assault accusations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. First, it is deeply disturbing to watch this president, a man accused of sexual misconduct or assault by no less than 19 women, defending a nominee from sexual assault allegations.   But the answer is simple. For too long, a culture of silence surrounding sexual assault and misconduct has prevailed in every corner of our society. When survivors speak up, they are often vilified or labeled as liars, while attackers … Read more

Letter: Thank you for making Westonstock a success

To the Editor: I want to take a moment to thank everyone who helped make the Weston Historical Society’s Westonstock event a huge success. We had around 400 visitors participating in our day of “peace, love and rock and roll.” We had visitors from all the surrounding communities as well as New York State and even as far away as Virginia.   The spirit of the day was one of camaraderie. There were many, many volunteers who made the day possible and come alive. We also want to thank our annual sponsors Fairfield County Bank, KMS Partners, Cohen and Wolf, … Read more

Letter: An understanding of Connecticut’s political parties

To the Editor : Most of us have pretty strong opinions about America’s two major political parties. We may also hear about other political parties: the minor parties. As many people register to vote for the first time or perhaps contemplate changing their registration, it’s important that we understand these smaller parties as well. The first step is to know that the highest percentage of voters in Connecticut is not registered with any party. These unaffiliated voters registered to vote without choosing a party, and they number 956,000. There are also 848,000 Democrats and 481,000 Republicans statewide, and 32,000 voters who … Read more

Letter: Issues with dog park group, IRS complaint filed

To the Editor: There was a recent letter to The Weston Forum written by someone who is not a neighbor of the Moore property woodlands. Like the 798 people who voted against the dog park, the writer objected to the proposed dog park in that location based upon process, science and environmental grounds.  Weston Dog Park (WDP) followed up with an unsurprising inaccurate letter to The Weston Forum which could not refute a single fact in the original letter. A Superior Court appeal of the Conservation Commission’s decision, yet to be heard, raises winnable points based on facts and science. … Read more

Election letters to the editor

Underberger best choice for probate I’m writing to support Lori Underberger for judge of probate. My family had to deal with probate court many years ago when my father-in-law died unexpectedly in middle age. It is so important to have a fair, compassionate, and efficient person as judge of probate. I’ve known Lori for twenty years, as a dedicated volunteer in the Easton schools and as a friend. She’s an experienced attorney with a background in trusts and estates, and a wonderfully compassionate and thoughtful person. I urge Easton, Monroe, and Trumbull to vote for Lori Underberger on Nov. 6. … Read more

Editorial: If you want to help…

If you want to help, don’t help. Good advice now that things have taken the predictable foolish turn they do during election season. Reports of a “push poll,” which is really a cloaked survey that seeks to discredit one candidate in favor of another, have been circulating in the 26th state senate district. The poll allegedly seeks to discredit incumbent Sen. Toni Boucher, a Republican. Fingers are pointing at her opponent, Will Haskell, a Democrat, who denies any knowledge of the poll. CLICK HERE FOR STORY Giving each the benefit of the doubt, it is possible a third party is … Read more

Food: Feeling peachy keen

In a last ditch effort to savor the remaining glimmers of summer (although I won’t lie, autumn is my favorite season) I thought it would be nice to make a fruit based cake. Typically, I don’t bake with fruit (I’m not really a pie kind of gal) but while strolling through the produce section I couldn’t help but stop and stare longingly at the peaches. Since they looked pretty great and I had a few hours to spare I decided to attempt to make a peach cake. I was a little hesitant about how to approach baking a cake with … Read more

Redding town clerk becomes Master Municipal Clerk

Redding Town Clerk Michele Grande said she’s a big believer in continuing education and keeping up to date on everything that affects her office. That’s why she decided to study to earn the title of Master Municipal Clerk (MMC) of the town of Redding. An MMC is awarded by the International Institute of Municipal Clerks (IIMC), Inc., which is based in California. Only those municipal clerks who complete “demanding” education requirements and who have a record of “significant contributions to their local government, their community and state” are granted the MMC designation, said Stephanie Carouthers Kelly, MMC, and IIMC president. … Read more

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